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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Oracle 9i

Presentation On Oracle 9i


PPT On Oracle 9i


PowerPoint Presentation On PHP

Presentation On PHP




Patient Billing System


Online Cinema Booking


PHP Training At Maxheap Technologies


Hotel Resource Management System


PowerPoint Presentation On AJAX

Presentation On AJAX


AJAX Presentation Transcript:
1. Contents
This presentation demonstrates the following topics.

Appin Knowledge Solutions is an education consulting company dedicated to providing quality consulting, training & e-learning solutions in education sector. Appin group of companies was incorporated in March 2003 in Austin Texas under the XIRS Ventures Inc. The first ones in the industry to come up with Distance learning programs in Embedded Systems, VLSI & Nano-Technology. Appin Knowledge Solutions, with its Asia-Pacific Head Quarters in New Delhi, is an affiliate of Appin Group of Companies based in Austin, Texas

3. What is AJaX?
A name given to an existing approach to building dynamic web applications. Web pages use JavaScript to make asynchronous calls to web-based services that typically return XML allows user to continue interacting with web page while waiting for data to be returned page can be updated without refreshing browser results in a better user experience there are AJaX libraries that reduce the amount of JavaScript code that must be written Uses a JavaScript class called XMLHttpRequest

4. A is for “asynchronous” requests can be made asynchronously technique allow web page to be updated without refreshing it J is for “JavaScript” typically JavaScript is used on the client-side (in the browser) can use any language on server-side that can accept HTTP requests and return HTTP responses X is for “XML” request and response messages can contain XML can contain any text

5. XML Http Request
A JavaScript Class that lets you make asynchronous HTTP requests from JavaScript. Make an HTTP request from a JavaScript event. A call back JavaScript function is invoked at each state of the HTTP request and response.

6. onreadystatechange - call back function for state changes readyState - the current state of the HTTP call responseText - the text result of the request responseXML - DOM xml object from the request status - HTTP status code of the response statusText - HTTP status text

7. DWR
DWR, stands for Direct Web Remoting. Is a combination Java/JavaScript open source library that allows you to simply and easily build Ajax applications. Allows to call server-side code in a way that looks like it is running locally in the browser from the point of view of the client-side.

8. About the Project
 It provide the ability to see a tree view of the directory structure of the server the application is running on. Provides facility to perform basic operations of copying files and directories, moving files and directories Provides the ability to edit the files. Uploading and downloading files. When select a directory from the tree, it shows the contents of that directory in a grid, showing us the item’s name, size, type, and last modified date/time. Implement security check using container-managed J2EE security UI look similar to Windows Explorer.

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PowerPoint Presentation On DBMS

Presentation On DBMS(Relational Calculus)


DBMS Overview PPT


PowerPoint Presentation On I Mode

Presentation On I Mode


I Mode Presentation Transcript:
1. i mode - History
i-mode was launched in Japan on 22 February 1999. The content planning and service design team was led by Mari Matsunaga, while Takeshi Natsuno was responsible for the business development. Further Developments: Dec. 1999 i-mode compatible handsets with color screens were marketed Jan. 2001 i-appli service launched Jul. 2001 i-area service launched Nov. 2001 i-motion service launched Jun. 2002 i-shot service launched Jan. 2003 i-motion mail service launched Sep. 2005 i-channel service launched Oct. 2006 keyword search service for i-mode launched

2. What is i mode???
NTT DoCoMo's i-mode is a wireless internet service popular in Japan. Unlike WAP, i-mode encompasses a wider variety of internet standards, including web access, e-mail and the packet-switched network that delivers the data. i-mode users have access to various services such as e-mail, sports results, weather forecast, games, financial services and ticket booking. Content is provided by specialized services, typically from the mobile carrier, which allows them to have tighter control over billing.

3. i mode Server
The iMode server is a regular Web server. It can reside at NTT DoCoMo or at the Enterprise. DoCoMo has been acting as a portal and so “normally” maintains the iMode server. For future implementations with advanced security requirements, it is possible to host the iMode server at the Enterprise.

4. (PDC-P) Personal Digital Cellular-Packet
iMode provides Internet service using Personal Digital Cellular-Packet (PDC-P) and a subset of HTML 3.0 for content description . iMode allows application/content providers to distribute software (Java applets) to cellular phones and also allows users to download applets (e.g., games). iMode uses packet switched technology for the wireless part of the communication and is carried over TCP/IP for the wired part of the communication. The mobile packet communications system has a network configuration in which the packet communications function is added and integrated into DoCoMo’s Personal Digital Cellular (PDC) which is the digital system for portable and automobile telephones.

5. Protocols
TLP Improved efficiency in PDC-P network over TCP (uses fewer packets to save charges) Higher data packet ratio No 3-way handshake, control signals can piggyback data ALP Supports both pull (HTTP) and push style communication Direct HTTP communication between mobile phone and iMode server UITP (User Information Transfer Protocol) sends subscriber information from PDC-P network to iMode server NWMP (Network Management Protocol) performs signaling Start/end of packet communication E.g. email delivery, push content notification

6. How does i-Mode work?
The i-Mode service uses an additional packet communication network that is built onto DoCoMo's main network. This packet data transmission technology allows for constant connectivity.Thus, users are not charged for how long they are online, since this time is unlimited. Rather, users are charged only for how much information they retrieve. There are essentially 4 main components that are required for the i-Mode service. 1)A cellular phone capable of voice and packet communication and with a browser installed. 2)A packet network. 3)An i-mode server. 4)Information providers.

7. Security Issues
1. Security of the radio link between iMode handset and the cellular base station. 2. Security of the transparent public Internet connection between iMode sites and the handset in the cHTML layer. 3. Security of private networks on iMode. 4. Security of private network links between the iMode center and special service providers such as banks. 5. Password security.

8. Security Protocols
iMode security relies on “standard” Internet security as provided by SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). The security protocols used within the DoCoMo network and over the air are proprietary protocols that run over SSL (using the packet switched capabilities of the DoCoMo network). iMode recently adopted SSL (in March, 2001). Before this, iMode provided ‘only air interface security’.

9. i-mode Related Services
i-appli: i-mode with Java This service group consists of software (programs) used with i-mode compatible mobile phone terminals. Downloading the software makes it possible to automatically update the news and weather forecast displays as well as to play new games. i-area: Location Based Service This is DOCOMO's location information service. The i-area service enables the user to check the weather forecast, traffic and store information and other convenient information for local areas as well as the map information to the user's current location.

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PowerPoint Presentation On Virtual Keyboard

Presentation On Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation On Java Projects

PPT On Bank Management System In Java


Online Examination In Java


The Exam Simulator In Java


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PowerPoint Presentation On Holography

Presentation On Holography


Holography Presentation Transcript:
1. What is Holographic Memory ?
It is a memory that can store information in form of holographic image. It is a technique that can store information at high density inside crystals or photopolymers. It provides data to be written beneath the surface of the disc. Holographic memory can store up to 1 Tb in a storage medium the size of a sugar cube crystal.

2. Why do we need this ?
“For Internet applications alone, industry estimates are that storage needs are doubling every 100 days” By the year 2010, a storage system serving an average LAN will need … 100 TB and a WAN server will require 10TB to 1 petabyte …of storage” (Red Herring)

3. Properties of Hologram
A block or sheet of photosensitive material which records the diffraction of two light sources. A laser beam is splatted into two beams: Source beam Reference beam The two beams diffracts to form the image on the recording medium

4. Spatial light modulator
It is used for creating binary information out of laser light. It is a 2D plane, consisting of pixels which can be turned on and off to create binary 1.s and 0.s. It contains a two-dimensional array of windows, which are only microns wide.

5. Page Data Access
As the data is stored in the form of holograms, data retrieval must be in the same form. So, a holographic system sends data in the form of pages. It provides fast access times.

6. Error Correction
As the density of data is massive, it is prone to errors. Errors can be controlled by: Recording errors Page level parity bits Interfacing

7. Recording Errors Cause:
Noise generated by laser beam Result: Can change a binary 0 to binary 1 Possible Solution: Improvement in laser beam and recording material

8. Page-level Parity Bits
Data is stored in the form of 2-D array Odd no. of bits accounts for parity 1 Even no. of bits accounts for parity 0 Parity check bits are used to identify any errors present in the array

9. Interfacing
While reading the data, they are sent to the computer as sheets. Such thing may exceed the processor throughput Remedy: Defining set of rules which can be used for correction and reading of data efficiently.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Symbian OS

Symbian Operating System PPT


Symbian OS Presentation Transcript:
1. 1.5 billion mobile phone users (ITU) Mobile device capabilities are significantly advanced than those in the past Key question Are we going to face the same level of threat to security of mobile devices as that of in desktop environment?

2. Operating System (OS) Process Management Memory Management File Management I/O Management Networking

3. Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Characterized by timing constraints Mobile Operating System (Mobile OS) RTOS running on a mobile device

 4. Symbian established as a private independent company in June 1998, owned by Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Psion. Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and supplies the advanced, open, standard operating system – Symbian OS – for data-enabled mobile phones.

5. Release v6.1 2001, Release v6.2 Q1/2002, Release v7 2003 including Multimedia Framework (MMF) Release v8 2004 allowing manufacturers to build Symbian OS Release v9 2005 supporting the latest generation .

6. Browsing: full web browser support and WAP stack for mbile browsing Messaging: support MMS, EMS, SMS, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP; standard attachments; fax Multimedia: shared access to screen, keyboard, fonts and bitmaps; audio recording and playback, and image related functionality , including API for graphics acceleration, streaming and direct screen access Communication protocols: including TCP, IP version 4, IP version 6 and WAP, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB Mobile telephony: abstract API for cellular standards.

7. Data caging allows applications on a Symbian OS device to have private data which is not accessible by other applications. It is about file access control. Opposite to traditional “Access Control List”, it is “Fixed Access Control Policy

8. Small and mobile, but always available Mobile phones are both small and, by definition, mobile. This creates high user expectations. Addressing the mass-market Reliable. Data loss in a personal mobile phone causes a loss of trust between the user and the phone

9. Handling occasional connectivity Mobility constraints generally make a wireless connection preferable - whether wide area (using wireless telephony) or personal area (such as infrared or Bluetooth). Wireless connectivity is patchy, caused by different protocols Open platform An operating system for the mass-market must be open for third-party development.

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PowerPoint Presentation On Grid Computing

Grid Computing


Grid Computing Presentation Transcript:
The term grid computing originated in the early 1990s for making computer power as easy to access as an electric power grid The ideas of the grid were brought together by Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman. Initially Globus Toolkit was designed incoorporating storage management, security provisioning, data movement, monitoring e.t.c. In 2007 the term cloud computing came into popularity, which is conceptually similar to the canonical Foster definition of grid computing

Grid computing is the application of several computers to a single problem at the same time It allows flexible resource sharing among geographically distributed computing resources in multiple administrative domains It is basically used for Grid applications rich in graphics and multimedia. Controlled shell and controlled desktop mechanisms are used to restrict the user to execute only authorized commands and applications

Grid computing depends on software to divide and apportion pieces of a program among several computers It can also be thought of as form of network-distributed parallel processing. It can be small confined to a network of computer workstations or it can be a large, public collaboration across many companies or networks.

Virtualization of resources Applications can be executed by specifying the requirements, rather than identifying the individual resources to be used

Grid computing is a special type of parallel computing that relies on complete computers connected to a network supercomputer, has many processors connected by a local high-speed computer bus. Primary advantage of distributed computing is that each node can be purchased as commodity hardware

disadvantage is that the various processors and local storage areas do not have high-speed connections The high-end scalability of grids is generally favorable, due to the low need for connectivity between nodes It is costly and difficult to write programs that can be run in the environment of a supercomputer

Distributed grids can be formed from computing resources belonging to multiple indivisuals Computers which are actually Performing the calculations might not be entirely trustworthy. Measures were introduced to prevent participants from producing misleading results, and from using the system as an attack vector. Measures include assigning work randomly to different nodes and checking that at least two different nodes report the same answer for a given work unit.

There is no way to guarantee that nodes will not drop out of the network at random times. Uing different platforms with many languages, leads to tradeoff between investment in software development and the number of platforms that can be supported Cross platform languages can reduce the need to make this tradeoff, though potentially at the expense of high performance on any given node

The segmentation of the Grid computing market, two perspectives need to be considered: the provider side and the user side: The Provider Side The overall Grid market comprises several specific markets. Like Grid middleware market, The market for Grid-enabled applications, The utility computing market, and the software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market.

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PowerPoint Presentation On Windows Server

 PPT On Windows Server


Windows Server Presentation Transcript:
1. Overview
Windows Server 2008 enables you to increase the reliability and flexibility of your server infrastructure. New virtualization tools, web resources, and security enhancements help you save time, reduce costs, and provide a platform for a dynamic and optimized datacenter. Windows Server 2008 can help you in many scenarios Some of these scenarios are available today, with your existing windows 2003 infrastructure.

2. Session Objectives and Agenda
Gain the required knowledge to integrate Windows Server 2008 into your existing IT infrastructure: Active Directory Group Policy Terminal Services Tons of demos

3. Active Directory
Windows Server 2008 Benefits for Active Directory Domain Considerations Schema Updates Get your RODC today DCs on Server Core Backing up and recovery

4. Windows Server 2008 Benefits for Active Directory What you get TODAY: Read Only Domain Controllers Restartable Directory Services Group Policy Enhancements Active Directory Snapshots Improved Install From Media (IFM) Directory Services Auditing

5. Domain Considerations
Domain Function Level must be Native or Windows Server 2003 mode. BDCs running Windows NT 4.0 are not supported with Windows Server 2008. No Mixed Mode No Interim Mode The first Windows Server 2008 DC in a forest must be a Global Catalog server and it cannot be an RODC. After you insert your first Windows Server 2008 DC, you can install your first RODC.

6. Prepare for the first RODC
RODCs are fantastic because they: Increase end user productivity Mitigate poor physical server security Lower impact of compromise, theft , or error Meet requirements of specific LOB applications

7. Prepare for the first RODC
Before you can install an RODC in a Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 forest, you must prepare the forest by running Adprep/rodcprep on any domain member, but it’s best to run it on the domain naming operation master. In a new Windows Server 2008 forest you do not need to run anything. You must already have at least one Writable DC running Windows Server 2008 before you install your first RODC.

8. DCs on Server
Core Installing Active Directory on Server Core is performed by using an unattended file for DCPROMO. After the reboot, the Server Core acts just like any DC on the network, and you can manage it by using RSAT.

9. Group Policy
Windows Server 2008 Benefits for Group Policy Using ADMX/ADML files Creating the Central ADMX repository Interoperability

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PowerPoint Presentation On ERP

Training On ERP At Future First




Sunday, September 27, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On 4G

4G wireless Technology PPT
4G technology is the next step of 3G technology.In this PPT you get the whole idea about 4G technology,For more information Click Here (PPT)

4G Technology(Cell Phone)
How 4G technology work with cell phone technology,Here you get your all answers.For more information Click Here (PPT)



4G Presentation


PPT On 4G Technology


PowerPoint Presentation On DSA



 Pattern Matching PPT


PowerPoint Presentation On IBM AS/400

 PPT On IBM AS/400


IBM AS/400 Presentation Transcript:
1. KSFL is a joint venture of Krishk Bharti Cooperative (Kribhco) Fertilizers & Shyam Telecommunications Limited. It is one of the major eminent fertilizer projects in the country, which encounters the scarcity of fertilizer in India. It is spelled over an area of about 1150 acres of lush green land and the whole project values at around Rs. 2,200 Crores INR. Urea is the primary product of the company along with Ammonia as the secondary product. Output 7, 26,000 MTPA (Urea). 3, 34,000 MTPA (Ammonia). Rs. 800 Crores/Year.

2. What is IBM AS/400 ???
 IBM AS/400 stands for “IBM Application System/400”. IBM AS/400 is a versatile all purpose midrange server (Midframe) designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises to work in distributed environment.

3. Five Sacred Principles Of AS/400
Technology Independance Object-based Design Hardware Integration Software Integration Single-Level Store

4. Began at IBM Rochester Introduced in 1988 Initially was named System 35. AS/400 design was based on customer needs. Immediately successful. IBM Rochester became second biggest computer company . (behind rest of IBM)

5. Capacity on demand Dynamic Logical Partitioning Shared resources Moveable resources Manual Automatic Uncapped partitions

6. Choice of operating systems Native:
OS/400 Linux AIX Hosted: Windows Linux

7. Programming Languages Available RPG ILE COBOL ILE C ILE C++ Java SQL XML PHP

8. Object Oriented Operating System File can’t become a program Program can’t be created without authenticating user Security Written into microcode Can’t be circumvented Superior backup and recovery

9. The Program Development Manager (PDM) is a set of utilities under OS/400 designed to simplify the creation and development of software. It automates file and member creation, editing, compilation and program execution, and allows the programmer to manage their environment from a set of standard menus.

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PowerPoint Presentation On IBM



1. IBM DB2

2. Introduction
First Release in 1982
DB2 is Relational DBMS (R-DBMS)
Relational Data or Binary Data
Support Pure XML for Easy Storage and Retrieval
Support Both GUI and CLI

3. DB2 Instance
A DB2 instance is a logical database server environment. There can be multiple DB2 instances on a server. Multiple Databases can be created within a DB2 instance.
The default instance for a particular system is defined by the ‘DB2INSTANCE’ environment variable. Initially for Windows default is ‘DB2’ and for Linux/Unix it is ‘db2inst1’.

4. DB2 tablespace

A tablespace is a logical layer between data and storage space.
Tables, regular data, indexes and long data reside in tablespace.

SYSCATSPACE: where the DB2 system kept tracks of all of the metadata associated with DB2 objects .

TEMPSPACE1: A temporary work area where DB2 can place intermediate results.

USERSPACE1: A place where all user objects (tables, indexes) reside by default.

5. Constraints

Primary Keys: Used to enforce uniqueness on one or set of column values.
Foreign Keys: Used to establish a referential relationship b/w two tables, can be referred as Child and Parent.
Unique Keys: Used to enforce on one or set of column values. A table can have multiple unique keys.
Checked Constraints: They are used to enforce rules for those table column so that data inserted or updated in those columns meets the conditions predefined in the check constraints.

6. DB2 Object: Table

All data is stored in tables in the database. A table consists of one or more columns of various data types. The data is stored in rows or records.
May be defined using:
The CREATE TABLE SQL statement
A GUI tool, the DB2 Control Center

7. DB2 Object: view

A view provides a transparent view of the data in underlying tables. Contains no data itself. Appears just like a table to the user. Can also be used to restrict which rows and columns can be viewed or updated.
You can create a view on an existing table (or tables) or on another view or any combination. A view defined on another view is called a nested view.
CREATE VIEW nonfictionbooks AS
SELECT * FROM books WHERE booktype = 'N‘

8. DB2 Object: Triggers

A trigger is used to define a set of actions that are to be executed whenever an insert, update, or delete operation is performed against a table or updatable view.
Like constraints, triggers are often used to enforce data integrity and business rules.
Unlike constraints, triggers can also be used to update other tables, automatically generate or transform values for inserted or updated rows, and invoke functions to perform tasks such as issuing errors or alerts.

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PowerPoint Presentation On NTPC

Training At NTPC






National Thermal Power Station


Thursday, September 24, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On JSP

What is relation between JSP And HTML? This PPT gives all answers of relation sheep between JSP And HTML, For more information Click Here (PPT)

JSP Coding PPT
Here you know about JSP Coding And how it works with HTML, For more information Click Here (PPT)

PPT On Banking System In JSP


JSP Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation On CSS

PPT On Introduction Of CSS
CSS is use for structure of a Web Page And control and maintain the integrity of your data ,For more information Click Here (PPT)

Presentation on Coding Of CSS
This PPT providing you the concept of CSS And HTML Coding , For more information Click Here (PPT

PPT On CSS And DHTML For the Web
CSS Basic And 4 Ways To Put CSS And HTML Together, For more information Click Here (PPT)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PowerPoint Presentations Of Computer Engineering

Here you get some useful presentations of Computer Engineering

PowerPoint Presentations Of Electrical Engineering

Here you get some useful presentations of Electrical Engineering

PowerPoint Presentation On Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter PPT

For Download Click Here (PPT)

Electric Scooter Presentation Transcript:
In the simulation and modeling of electric scooter we replace the D.C. motor by a single phase induction motor,this makes it low cost and less maintenance and more impressive. The electric scooter of 0.26 KW rating was employed for test. As a result, a single phase induction motor showed ability to drive an electric scooter with 80 kg load at almost constant speed of 20 kph.

In this system, a dedicated DC/DC converter connected to the grid charges the batteries. Than another DC/DC converter is used to convert the battery voltage to a suitable voltage for the DC motor.

A whole system simulation of an electric scooter drive system consist of three main parts Power supply interface Battery storage Power electronic interface Motor drive performance Electric vehicle movement simulation

Battery is vital to energize overall energy to the entire system. A simple battery model can be represented by a Thevenin’s equivalent circuit. V=E-IR0

The model represents the nonlinear characteristics of the battery. R1:-plate internal resistance D1,D2:-hysteresis and non linear internal resistance effects in the electrochemical cell D3:-charge leakage C1:-linear capacitive storage elements across the double layers C2:-chemical reaction storage

6. Example:- A model of Ni-Cd In this model the system voltage,312 volt, consists of 228 series connected cells.

Typical charge profiles published for rechargable batteries,particularly large lead-acid batteries used in electric vehicles,are designed to accomplish two goals.Obviously they deliver the energy that is stored in the individual cells.Less well recognized is that the preferred charge profiles overcharge the cells to force equalization.

Lead acid batteries are typically sold in 6v or 12v monoblocks. By proper choice of capacitors,MOSFETS and switching frequency,the equalizers ensures that no cell voltage ever strays from the mean.

It has been found that allowing a 12v battery to float at its termination voltage for some period of time will equalize the relative chemical states.This is referred to as “PASSIVE EQUALIZATION”

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PowerPoint Presentation On Power Quality Parameters

Online Measurement Of Power Quality Parameters PPT

For Download Click Here (PPT)

Power Quality Parameters Presentation Transcript:
This presentation provides an overview of the time varying power quality issues in power systems. A new signal processing techniques for real time measurement of various power quality parameters. The definition of Power Quality cannot be limited to the characteristics of the supply power. The definition must also include the requirements of the load. Signal processing techniques are applied for real time measurement of power quality parameters such as frequency, harmonics, flicker and disturbances.

2. (1) Digital filtering technique 2) Kalman filter technique (3) Fast Fourier Transform and statistical method (4) Multi-resolution signal decomposition techniques based on wavelet transform

In many power system protection and control schemes it is necessary to accurately measure and track the fundamental power frequency under sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal conditions There are various methods zero crossing methods FFT leakage Stationary phase changes Least squares fitting.

The method has been tested under various conditions using the simulation software MATLAB. Simulation is run for 24 hour period with new inputs every 2 minutes. Output can be analyzed for each component individually or collectively by looking at the THD (bottom). CASE-I

Simulation results concludes that the maximum error of this model is less that 0.005% under non-sinusoidal and multiple zero crossing conditions.

Due to increased utilization of power electronics devices voltage and current waveforms of a distribution or a transmission system are not pure sinusoids but consist of a combination of the fundamental frequency, harmonics and high frequency transients The DFT and FFT transform is a useful analytical tool that has been applied to power system for phasor measurement and harmonic analysis.

Flicker is basically caused by fluctuations of the electrical power network that may occur at any time under the influence of the variations of any of the three components of the network Voltage fluctuations up to 30Hz may produce annoyance even if considering small relative amplitudes such as 0.25% at the critical modulation frequency of 8.8Hz the use of FFT and new statistical block for real time measurement of flicker in power system.

The simulation is carried out in MATLAB for flicker measurement.

Wavelets can determine the presence of transients and harmonic distortions of very small values: up to less than 0.5%. With values around 0.1% the detail coefficients can hardly detect the transient and harmonics. The color map seems more helpful in identifying both transients and harmonics as the magnitude both transients and harmonics values go bellow 0.5%.

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PowerPoint Presentation On ASP.NET

PPT On ASP.NET Web Pages
See what are the ASP.NET Web pages,For more information Click Here (PPT)

Here you get information about ASP.NET 3.5,For more information Click Here (PPT)

Some Useful PPTs

ASP.NET Future Directions


IT Homepage In ASP.NET


Online Tours And Travels Management System


Citizen Security System


.NET Framework


ASP.NET Presentation


ASP.NET Project


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