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Friday, April 20, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Pat Summitt

PPT On Pat Summitt

Presentation Transcript: 

1. “She taught me that it's OK to let down your guard and allow your players to get to know you. They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Pat Summit-

2. Pat Summit Childhood
Pat Summit was born June 14, 1952. Her birth place was in Clarksville, Tennessee. She had four siblings; older brother Tommy, Charles, Kenneth and her younger sister Linda. Pat Head grew on a farm in Clarksville, Tennessee with her three brothers and younger. Richard Head, which was her father, was a severe man. He whipped his children if they broke anything in the house. Pat’s mother would go to her daughter games and support her. She had said, "I watch the scores more than the defense," Head said. "Tonight, (Tennessee) has really done a good job." She went to a school named Methodist church. Pat summit came far in life with the help of her parents and her brothers and sister.

3. What Makes her a Leader?
 Pat summit had a great career ahead of her; she took that career as a woman that will never give up on her career and will take this young lady’s as hard working people. In 1974, she received her B.S. in physical education from UT-Martin and led the Lady Pacers to a 64-29 record over four years. She was the co-captain of the 1976 U.S. Olympic women's basketball team and won a silver medal; as an international coach she brought home the first USA women's basketball gold medal in Olympic competition in 1984. Pat Summit has coached Tennessee to eight NCAA National Championships, and amassed an enviable career record of 1005-193 as of March 22, 2009, a winning percentage of 84 percent, and she has won 104 of the 124 NCAA tournament games in which her teams have competed. She has led the Lady Voles to 28 consecutive NCAA tournaments, every one since the women had a tournament, and produced NCAA championships in 1987, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2007, and 2008. Her family was always in her championships games and was always there to support her “little girl” as her mother still calls her. Pat Summit is still alive; right now she is 56 years old and will still be a coach at University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers. Pat summit is a notable woman because she really did brave things in life and she really had a good career. Therefore, Pat Summit is a woman that will be my role model because she is a great woman to teach you how to play basketball and how to win games when the championships come.

 4. Our Thoughts About Her!
 Jasleen Paulino: I think that Pat Summit should be admired because she is a woman that show lots of people that even though you not good at sports you still could try to be yourself and try new things in life. People always thought that Pat Summit is a woman that put people in place and will show they how to play good. I really do think that Pat Summit is a Role Model for me.

 Crystal Ortega: I think Pat Summit looks like a woman that will put you in place. I would be scared of her because she looks like a woman that will yell at you if you don’t do your game right. Pat Summit was a great woman and I think she will be the best couch to teach you how to play basketball. Therefore, Pat Summit looks scary but at the same time you would want a person to teach you how to play basketball.

 5. Short Bio..
1. pat summitt is the best female basketball coach
2. she coaches the lady vols
3. pat summitt play volleyball at the university of tennessee in martin tennessee
4. she become the women's basketball coach at the university of tennessee in 1974
5. The lady vols has won eight national championships
6. Have you seen her coach during the ballgame
7. pat summitt is the all-time winningest coach in basketball history
8. Have you read her books, reach for the summitt and raise the roof
9. Pat summitt’s son, tyler, hopes to one day be a basketball coach two
10. Pat summitt likes to cook golf and run.

6. Thanks
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