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Friday, February 17, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Training, Motivating, Compensating, and Leading the Salesforce

PPT On Training, Motivating, Compensating, and Leading the Salesforce


Presentation Transcript:
1. Training, Motivating, Compensating, and Leading the Salesforce

2. Learning Objectives
To understand sales training process
To learn importance, theories, and tools of motivation
To know objectives and designing of sales compensation plan
To understand views, styles, and skills of sales leadership
To know the methods used to supervise salespeople

3. Sales Training
Proper training can prepare salespeople to meet with customer expectations
New salespeople spend a few weeks to several months in training
Companies view sales training important for protecting their investments in their salesforce
Sales Training Process consists of:
Assessing sales training needs
Designing and executing sales training programs
Evaluating and reinforcing sales training programs

4. Assessing Sales Training needs
Sales training needs are assessed both for
Newly hired sales trainees, and
Experienced / existing salespeople
Methods used for assessing training needs are:
First level sales managers’ observation
Survey of salesforce and field sales managers
Customer survey
Performance testing of salespersons
Job description statements
Salesforce audit (as a part of marketing audit)

5. Designing and Executing Sales Training Programme
For this, sales manager takes five decisions, called:
ACMEE: Aim, Content, Methods, Execution, Evaluation
First three words and organisational decisions relate to designing of sales training
Examples of Aims / Objectives of sales training:
Increase sales, profits, or both
Increase sales productivity
Improve customer relations
Prepare new salespeople for assignment to territories

6. Content of Training Programme
Content for new sales trainees is broader. It includes:
Company knowledge
Product knowledge
Customer knowledge
Competitor knowledge
Selling skills / sales techniques
Examples of specific content for experienced salespersons are:
New product knowledge
Introduce change in sales organisation
Negotiating skills
Content depends on the aims of training programme

7. Sales Training Methods
Selection of suitable methods for a training programme depends upon the topic and audience
Training methods are grouped into five categories:
Class room / Conference training
Behavioural learning / Simulations
Online training
Absorption training
On-the-job training
We shall briefly review the training methods

8. For more info please refer our PPT
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