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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Organizing and Staffing the Sales Force

PPT On Organizing and Staffing the Sales Force


Presentation Transcript:
1. Organizing and Staffing the Sales Force

2. Learning Objectives
To understand the concepts of the sales organisation, and the basic types of sales organisations
To know specialization within the sales organisation, and alternative organizational approaches for major accounts
To determine the size of the salesforce by using various methods
To understand the major stages of salesforce staffing process, consisting of planning, recruiting, selecting, hiring, socialisation and assimilation
To realise the importance of the various steps included in planning, recruiting, and selection stages

3. Concepts of Sales Organisation
A sales organisation assists the sales manager to carry out needed tasks efficiently and effectively to achieve results
The basic concepts of the sales organisation are:
Degree of centralisation
Degree of specialisation
Line or staff positions
Market orientation
Effective co-ordination

4. Basic Types of Sales Organisations
Sales organisations are generally classified into four basic types:
Line Organisation
Line and staff organisation
Functional organisation
Horizontal organisation
We shall discuss main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of sales organisation

5. Characteristics: All managers have line authority to direct and control subordinates. Used in small firms / departments
Advantages: Simple organisation, clear authority, quick decisions, low cost
Disadvantages: No support to line managers from subordinates who have specialised knowledge / skills. Less time for planning / analysis

6. Characteristics: Specialist staff managers are available for senior marketing / sales managers. Staff managers’ role is to assist / advise line managers. Used in medium and large size organisations
Advantages: Better marketing decisions, superior sales performance
Disadvantages: High cost and coordination, slower decision making, conflict may arise if staff managers’ role is not clear

7. Characteristics: Each functional specialist has line responsibility over salespeople. Used by a large firm with many products / market segments, minimising line authority to functional managers
Advantages: Qualified specialists guide salesforce, simple to administer
Disadvantage: confusion due to more managers giving orders to salesforce

8. Characteristics: Removes management levels & departmental boundaries. Except planning team, all others are members of cross-functional teams. Used by firms having partnering relationships with customers.
Advantages: Reduction in supervision, unnecessary tasks, & cost; Improved efficiency and customer responses.

9. Specialisation within Sales Organisation
Needed to increase effectiveness of salesforce
Done by expanding basic sales organisation
Basis of specialisation
Type of product
Combination of above
Criteria for selection – (1) nature of product, (2) salesforce abilities, (3) demands of selling job, (4) customer and market facts

10. For more info please refer our PPT
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