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Friday, September 4, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Hacking

1 PowerPoint Presentation On Hacking
Hacking for a cause- Social or political.In this PPT we provide you the whole information about hacking,For more Click Here (PPT)

2 PowerPoint Presentation On Black Hat Hacking
Black Hat hackers are bad guys they do this for their personal benefit,For more details Click Here (PPT)

3 PowerPoint Presentation On Ethical Hacking
Ethical hacking is leagel it is use for good,For more information Clik Here (PPT)

4 Google Hack

Google Hacks
View more documents from rickdog.

5 Hacking Fundamental

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Anonymous said...

hey its cool ............. lots of info is here,,, thanks ,,,, its good for bigginers ....

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