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Sunday, July 18, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Bus AMBA



Bus AMBA Presentation Transcript:
1. What to see AMBA
system architecture Derivatives Bus, AHB, ASB, APB Transactions

2. Bus hierarchies
Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) Advanced System Bus (ASB) Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB).

3. Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB)
The AMBA AHB is for high-performance, high clock frequency system modules. The AHB acts as the high-performance system backbone bus. AHB supports the efficient connection of processors, on-chip memories and off-chip external memory interfaces with low-power peripheral macro cell functions. AHB is also specified to ensure ease of use in an efficient design flow using synthesis and automated test techniques.

4. Advanced System Bus (ASB)
The AMBA ASB is for high-performance system modules. AMBA ASB is an alternative system bus suitable for use where the high-performance features of AHB are not required. ASB also supports the efficient connection of processors, on-chip memories and off-chip external memory interfaces with low-power peripheral macrocell functions.

5. Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB)
The AMBA APB is for low-power peripherals. AMBA APB is optimized for minimal power consumption and reduced interface complexity to support peripheral functions. APB can be used in conjunction with either version of the system bus.

6. Objectives of the AMBA specification
The AMBA specification has been derived to satisfy four key requirements: to facilitate the right-first-time development of embedded microcontroller products with one or more CPUs or signal processors to be technology-independent and ensure that highly reusable peripheral and system macrocells can be migrated across a diverse range of IC processes and be appropriate for full-custom, standard cell and gate array technologies

7. Objectives of the AMBA specification (2)
to encourage modular system design to improve processor independence, providing a development road-map for advanced cached CPU cores and the development of peripheral libraries to minimize the silicon infrastructure required to support efficient on-chip and off-chip communication for both operation and manufacturing test.

8. AMBA AHB, new generation Advanced High-performance Bus AMBA AHB implements the features required for high-performance, high clock frequency systems including: • burst transfers • split transactions • single-cycle bus master handover • single-clock edge operation • non-tristate implementation • wider data bus configurations (64/128 bits).

 9. AHB Components
AHB master transfers initiator AHB slave AHB arbiter multi-master AHB decoder centralized decoder

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