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Monday, September 3, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Surveying

PPT On Surveying

Presentation Transcript:
1. What is Surveying
Surveying has traditionally been defined as the science, art, and technology of determining the relative positions of points above, on , or beneath the earth’s surface, or of establishing such points. Surveying can be regarded as that discipline which encompasses all methods for measuring and collecting information about the physical earth and our environment, processing that information , and disseminating a variety of resulting products to a wide range of clients. Surveying processional activities involve on, above, or below the surface of the land or the sea, and may be carried out in association with other professionals.

2. History of Surveying
1.Germination About 1400 B.C.
2.The Earth’s Size and Shape 200 B.C.
3.Development of Science of Geometry 120 B.C.
4.Roman Engineer and Surveyor The first century
5.New technologies 18th and 19th century

3. Importance of Surveying
Map the earth above and below sea level Prepare navigational charts Establish property boundaries Develop data banks of land-use and natural resource information Determine facts on the size, shape, gravity, and magnetic fields Prepare charts of our moon and planets

4. Classification of Surveying
Plane Survey instruments are very simple, Consisting of a plane table, A small drawing table mounted on a tripod A table can be leveled and rotated. This provided a base for the alidade, the telescopic surveying device from which observations were made.

5. Plane Surveys
The rotation of the alidade was analogous to the rotation of a compass, it provides a horizontal angle, i.e. a compass direction. The locations of lines and points are plotted directly on the drawing paper. Setting up the table must be leveled it is oriented correctly with a reference meridian (e.g. north line). The table is moved and re-oriented at each station along the survey route.

6. Geodetic Surveys
Covers distances large enough that curvature of Earth is significant Establishes network of precisely located control points
7. National Geodetic Survey
Functions: Defines & manages the National Spatial Reference System Sets standards for geodetic surveys Maintains a database of U.S. geodetic markers

8. Specialized Types of Surveys
Control surveys Topographic surveys Land, boundary, and cadastral surveys Hydrographics surveys Route surveys As-built surveys Mine surveys Solar surveys Optical tooling Ground, aerial, and satellite surveys

9. New Technologies for Surveying and Mapping
Electronic Total Station Instruments Global Positioning System (GPS) Digital Photogrammetric Systems Land and Geographic Information system (LIS/GIS)

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