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Friday, September 7, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Mitt Romney

PPT On Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Presentation Transcript:
1. About Mitt
Mitt was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947. His mother, Lenore, gave up an acting career when she met and married his father, George. Mitt's father came from humble origins and never graduated from college. He apprenticed as a lath and plaster carpenter and sold aluminum paint before beginning a career that brought him to the head of American Motors and then the governorship of Michigan.

2. Mitt Family
Mitt married his wife, Ann, in 1969. They first met in elementary school when he was a Cub Scout; he remembers tossing pebbles at her when she rode by on a horse. When they met again years later at a friend's house, he was smitten. Between them, they have five sons and eighteen grandchildren, who are the center of their lives.

3. Mitt Romney’s Plan For A Stronger Middle Class
Mitt's plan for a stronger middle class focuses on five points: building energy independence, ensuring Americans have the skills to succeed, opening markets that work for America, cutting the deficit, and championing small businesses.

4. The Romney Program for Economic Recovery,Growth, and Jobs
The U.S. economy has the talent, ideas, energy, and capital for the robust economic growth thathas characterized much of America’s postwar experience. Our living standards going forward,and the nation’s standing as a world power, depend on restoring that growth and broadly shared prosperity

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We are presently in the most anemic economic recovery in the memory of most Americans, withsignificant joblessness and long-term unemployment, as well as lost income and savings. We arestuck in a low-growth trap following the 2007-2009 recession and financial crisis. The anemic job growth and tragically high unemployment are a consequence of that low-growth trap. Therecent second quarter 2012 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth estimate of 1.5 percent,following 2 percent growth in the first quarter, makes a stark fact clear: The economy is not  getting stronger, it’s getting weaker

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The Obama administration says that the economy’s awful performance reflects the reality of theaftermath of a financial crisis and that the administration’s policies generated what little recoverywe have seen from the severe 2007-2009 recession – Americans should stay the course.

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But the historical record is clear: Our economy usually recovers quickly from recessions, and themore severe the recession, the faster the subsequent catch-up growth. For example, recentresearch by Michael Bordo of Rutgers University and Joseph Haubrich of the Federal ReserveBank of Cleveland makes clear from historical data that a slow growth recovery is not inevitable

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