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Monday, October 31, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On US Farm Data

US Farm Data Training


1.US Farm Data
The world’s most complete Agriculture database

2.He’s more than just Agricultural.

3.2.1 Million Farmers and Ranchers
The goal of US Farm Data is not to be the biggest agricultural database … but the best!
Using various levels of government, from national to local and county level as a backbone, US Farm Data has an aggregate master file over 12 million farm detail records.
A very structured build process yields a net of 2.1 million active farms and ranches. US Farm Data appends a unique Record ID to every producer to create a linkage database, provide historical information and to ensure accuracy going forward.

4.Who uses the file?
Agriculture and Agri-Buisness
Search Engines
Financial Services
Fund Raisers
Consumer Products

Business Services
Residential Services
Advertising agencies
Hobby Farmers

5.It’s More Than Just Agriculture!

6.A whole new source!
How many of you have customers that are always looking for new records?
80% of our records are NOT in your Business file.
12% of our records are NOT in your Consumer file.
100% of our file is Rural, outside of city limits
Accurate data – Income/Revenue - Lifestyle

It’s finding a new source for your clients
7.Email Campaigns
Double opt-in
White listed
Great for informational and surveys
Every client is looking for a new niche
Sort by Farmographic or Demographic

8.Questions you may get…
Where do you get your data?
What is Owner vs Operator?
How many strawberry farmers in Minnesota?
What is an entity code?
What is your deliverability rate?
Do you have farms in Canada?

9.Why should I sell this file?
Margin business is through the roof!
Agricultural is a hidden gem.
Specialized file

10.You Can Count on Us for Support
Request counts by phone or email.
Phone Count requests can be done while you wait!
On-line counts are available if you prefer.

After count is accepted, email PO, reference Count ID, to US Farm Data.
You will receive a confirmation that will require an approval signature.
Upon receipt of signed confirmation at US Farm Data, order is delivered via email.

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