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Friday, May 11, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Statistical Process Control

PPT On Statistical Process Control

Presentation Transcript:
1.Statistical Process Control

2.What is SPC ?
What is VSC ?
Why we use control charts ?
Plotting of control chart ...

3. The Arithmetic mean :
 Most of the time when we refer to the average of something we are talking about arithmetic mean only. To find out the arithmetic mean , we sum the values and divide by the number of observation. Advantages : it's a good measure of central tendency.It easily understood by most people Disadvantages :- Although the mean is reliable in that it reflects all the values in the data set, it may also be affected by extreme values that are not representative of the rest of the data.

4. The Median :
The median is a single value from the data set that measures the central item in the set of numbers.Half of the item lie above this point and the other half lie below it. We can find median even when our data are qualitative descriptions. For example we have five runs of the printing press the results of which must be rated according to the sharpness of the image. Extremely sharp, very sharp, sharp slightly blurred, and very blurred.

5. Mode :-
The mode is a value that is repeated most often in the data set. Infect it is the value with highest frequency.

6. For More Info Please Refer Our PPT.
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