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Friday, March 30, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Currency Symbol For Indian Rupee

PPT On Currency Symbol For Indian Rupee Download

Presentation Transcript:
1. Design concept of the symbol is based on Devanagari and Roman script

2. The symbol seamlessly integrates both Devanagari and Roman script

 3. The symbol denotes letter ‘R’ from Rupiah in Devanagari script

4. The uniqueness of Shiro-Rekha gives the symbol an Indian identity

5. The symbol also denotes part of letter ‘R’ from Rupee in Roman script

6. The horizontal lines represents the tricolor of our Indian flag

7. Equality sign symbolizes the relativity of economy and balanced economy

8. The symbol is designed in harmonious with other currency symbols

9. The unison design appeal to both Indian and foreign nationals

10. The use of existing letter simplifies the writing process across the globe

11. Minimal strokes makes it quick and easy to write

12. Familiarity, simplicity and less elements gives it a very high recall value

13. The symbol is simple to design and construct by any type designers

14. Opposite visual forces makes the design stable and balanced

15. The symbol is highly legible at smaller sizes and in reverse color

16. Design of Paisa can become a part of the symbol’s family

17. The symbol naturally blends with both Indian and Arabic numerals

 18. The symbol naturally blends with both Indian and Arabic numerals

19. Unicode for the Rupee symbol

 20. For more info please refer our PPT.
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