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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Government Grants

Government Grants Presentation

Government Grants Presentation Transcript:
1. Grants: Finalization And Submission - Tips And Strategies

2. Need for Grants
Why do you need Grants for this project???
Where is the system broken?
Identify the GAPS in the current program
Once the gap is clearly identified: QUANTIFY IT.

3. Need for Grants
Yes: SHOWS NEED The data should be current Related to research Supports program purpose, project design, goals & objectives Reliable, valid and ideally public Should be explained in detail
No: UNRELATED TO NEED Data not current Proper study not done Data thinly related to project design Unreliable Inadequate explanation

4. Project Design
Clearly define the program of HOW you will close the gaps defined in Need Section
Why is the program going to WORK?
Explain the program in DEPTH
QUANTIFY the outcome

5. Goals And Objectives
Support EACH goal
State AMBITIOUS goals
No GENERAL statements
Significant changes/growth

6. Project Design
Yes: Detailed explanation, rationale, and target audiences for all activities Matches the stated need Illustrates the relationship to program purpose, statutory requirements, absolute priorities Relationship between activities and scientifically-based research
No: Insufficient detail Unrelated to stated need Does not match program purpose or statutory requirements No relationship given

Yes: Detailed milestone/timeline that match project design, goals and objectives Job descriptions Project Leadership – Levels of authority (Advisory Committee, Operating Team)
No: Insufficient detail in timeline/milestones Timeline and milestones do not match project design Logical flaws in timeline

8. Budget
Don’t wait until the last minute
Prepare a spreadsheet or checklist of budget items
Make sure budget matches proposal exactly
Check and re-check your math
Ensure it is easily read and understandable

Yes: ALL COSTS, with an aggregate total Sufficient rationale for all expenses, particularly travel and subcontractors Personnel necessary to implement project
No: Insufficient detail Items in budget are not explained in narrative, and vice versa Insufficient narrative rationale for large budget items Excessive number of personnel

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.
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