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Wednesday, November 20, 2013



INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Presentation Transcript:

2.Trends in Economic Forces:
Interest rates
Home sales
Oil prices
Emerging markets

3.Trends in Technological Forces:
Portable information devices and electronic networking
Alternative energy sources
Precision farming
Virtual personal assistants
Genetically altered organisms
Smart, mobile robots

4.Trends in Political-Legal Forces:
Enforcement of U.S. antitrust laws
Taxation and labor laws
Government bureaucracy
World Trade Organization

5.Trends in Socio-cultural Forces:
Increasing environmental awareness
Growing health consciousness
Expanding seniors market
Impact of Gen Y
Declining mass market

6.Identifying External Strategic Factors:
Issues priority matrix- used to identify and analyze developments in the external environment
External strategic factors- key environmental trends that are judged to have both a medium to high probability of occurrence and a medium to high probability of impact on the corporation

7.Relative Power of Other Stakeholders
Local communities
Trade associations
Special interest groups

8.Industry Evolution
Fragmented industry- no firm has a large market share and each firm only serves a small piece of the total market in competition with other firms.
Consolidated industry- domination by a few large firms, each struggles to differentiate products from its competition

PPT On Innovation In Advertising


Innovation In Advertising Presentation Transcript:
1.Innovation in advertising

“The action of calling something to the attention of public”
 Advertising is  the promotion of a company's products and services carried out primarily to drive up sales of the products and services.
Advertising is the third partner in the relationship between a consumer and a product/service

3.Who needs advertising?
Companies use advertising to:
Inform people about their products and services
To make their brand names familiar to the public

4.Why needs advertising?
Companies use advertising to:
To give the company a “personality” which sets it apart from the others.
To remind customers about their brands at the right time and right place
To tell the public about improvements in products
To help their sales force to be more effective
To reinforce customer confidence in his/her purchase

5.Types of Advertising
Print Advertising –
  Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers
 Outdoor Advertising –
   Billboards, Kiosks, Trade-shows and Events
 Broadcast Advertising –
 Television, Radio and the Internet  

6. Innovation in advertising
Behind the Success of any advertisement there is Innovation Coupled With:
Culture, Values & Religiosity

7. Innovation in advertising
There’s no second chance at making a good first impression

8. Advertisements, if they           
   don’t catch your attention within seconds they
are considered failed

9. Innovation in advertising
Instead, to really stand out of the crowd, the idea has to be really out of the box, something that makes you laugh, talks about it or at least make you look twice

10.We are seeking for creative advertisements, particularly those that convey messages with sense of humour, or deliver ideas in ways we have never expected

11.Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising

12.Some don’ts
In case you do any comparison with your competitor or show your competitor it should be done in a intelligent and tactful manner that such that it is memorable and not in bad taste.

13. Innovation in advertising Examples

14. FedEx Kinkos : Office Products now at

15. Duracell – Last longer, much longer

PPT On Money Saving


Money Saving Presentation Transcript:
1.Creativity in Money Saving

Welcome to “Becoming a Millionaire: Savings and Investment” sponsored by the Peer Financial Counseling Program from (insert your school’s sponsor(s)).  My name is (counselor’s name). The purpose of this program is to help you to gain skills in managing your income and expenses effectively.  This will help you make the most of the money you have for college, and develop good habits for your years after school. Please feel free to ask questions as we go through the presentation.
Becoming a millionaire is not easy, but it’s still possible for those of us who can’t play basketball like LeBron James, or sing like Britney Spears to achieve wealth.  Through disciplined saving and investment, you can become one of America’s millionaires.

2.Why manage your money?
Control your spending;
Achieve future goals;
Avoid unnecessary debt;
Prepare for emergencies;

3.Starting a Savings Plan
“Getting rich is not a function of investing a lot of money; it is a result of investing regularly for long periods of time.”

4.Find Money to Save
Save $5 a day (lunch, soda,
snacks, etc)
5 X 7 = $35 a week
35 X 4 = $140 a month
140 X 12= $1680 a year!!!

5.Shop around. Even small reductions add up!
Stop using the credit card –
use cash or debit card.
Use cost comparisons to shop around for financial products.

6.How to budget
Monthly budgets are easiest – bills, rent, loans, mortgages are monthly.
Do not include your savings as income.
Divide expenses into essential and non-essential expenses.

7.Track Day-to-Day Spending
Keep a mini notebook with you to keep track of all of the times you spend money.

PPT On Water Industry


Water Industry Presentation Transcript:
1.Innovation in Water Industry

Water is primarily impacts the earth's ecosystem and people.
Climate change is the fundamental driver of change in the world's water resources
Collecting water is expected to become most costly with global warming
 More regions will experience water shortages.

3.Fresh water distribution graph

4.Water use
Water usage almost all aspects of life:
Food production and security
Domestic water supply & sanitation
Environmental sustainability

5.Water use – continued
Each person needs 20-50 liters of water a day to ensure basic needs for drinking, cooking and cleaning.
It takes 2 000 - 5 000 liters of water to produce one person's daily food.
It takes 1 000-3 000 liters of water to produce just one kilo of rice
It takes 13 000-15 000 liters to produce one kilo of grain

6.Why Innovation in water?
There is a major discrepancy in the cost of water in our world
Lack of community involvement cause 50% of water projects to fail

7.Innovative Ideas
Water conservation
Waste water treatment
Water in agriculture
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