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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On C Sharp

PPT On C Sharp

C# Presentation Transcript
1. Introduction to C#
Anders Hejlsberg Distinguished Engineer Developer Division Microsoft Corporation

2. C# – The Big Ideas
The first component oriented language in the C/C++ family
Everything really is an object
Next generation robust and durable software
Preservation of investment

3. C# – The Big Ideas
A component oriented language
C# is the first “component oriented” language in the C/C++ family
Component concepts are first class:
Properties, methods, events Design-time and run-time attributes Integrated documentation using XML Enables one-stop programming
No header files, IDL, etc. Can be embedded in web pages

4. C# – The Big Ideas
Everything really is an object
Traditional views
C++, Java: Primitive types are “magic” and do not interoperate with objects Smalltalk, Lisp: Primitive types are objects, but at great performance cost
C# unifies with no performance cost
Deep simplicity throughout system
Improved extensibility and reusability
New primitive types: Decimal, SQL… Collections, etc., work for all types

5. C# – The Big Ideas
Robust and durable software
Garbage collection
No memory leaks and stray pointers
Error handling is not an afterthought
No uninitialized variables, unsafe casts
Pervasive versioning considerations in all aspects of language design

6. C# – The Big Ideas
Preservation of Investment
C++ heritage
Namespaces, enums, unsigned types, pointers (in unsafe code), etc. No unnecessary sacrifices Interoperability
What software is increasingly about MS C# implementation talks to XML, SOAP, COM, DLLs, and any .NET language
Millions of lines of C# code in .NET
Short learning curve Increased productivity

7. C# Program Structure
Contain types and other namespaces
Type declarations
Classes, structs, interfaces, enums, and delegates
Constants, fields, methods, properties, indexers, events, operators, constructors, destructors
No header files, code written “in-line” No declaration order dependence

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