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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Matrix Salon

PPT On Matrix Salon

Presentation Transcript:
1. Matrix Salon
L’Oreal is the most well known as well as the largest company of cosmetics and beauty across the world.

2. About Salon
Arnnie Miller founded Matrix and revolutionized the industry by empowering hairdressers and salon professionals. in the USA. to cover every salon need- Hair colour ,hair care, styling. Today brand built on the strategic focus on creating strong businesses partnership with it’s salons The L’Oreal Group is known for their continuous innovation in order to improve the quality of their products and the services they have to offer to their consumers. Part of their strategic plan is to cater to the best interest of their costumers, in other words, costumer satisfaction. Through giving a wide variety of products, consumers have a whole gamut of products and services that they can choose from and which best serves their preference. The range of their prices caters to the demands of women, from the younger ones to the aging, from the affluent to those with lower budget for cosmetic products. Through constant research and passion for innovation, the L’Oreal Group best caters to the demands of women of different cultures. The Company also sees to it that they know the latest trend, or better yet, set the trend in the market as to attract more consumers.

3. Values of matrix
The matrix brand is built around Four core values Professional Passion Smart tech Connected Positive energy

4. Matrix is the leading manufacturer of hair care products for the professional salon industry in North America. It manufactures markets shampoo, hair colour, styling and hair care products sold exclusively through beauty salons. Its product line includes several popular brands, which are distributed in 80,000 hair salons throughout the U.S.  L'Oreal's commitment to the beauty salon industry and its partnership with distributors and hairstylists

5. Supply chain management
In business, as in life, it’s important to be in the right place at the right time – and that’s clearly been the aim of French cosmetics giant L’Oreal in India.  L’Oreal has 41.5 % share of the market in India for hair conditioner, 20 per cent for hair colouring products, and 4.6 per cent for the skincare and shampoo markets respectively. that’s clearly been the aim of French cosmetics giant L’Oreal in India.  L’Oreal has 41.5 per cent share of the market in India for hair conditioner, 20 per cent for hair colouring products, and 4.6 per cent for the skincare and shampoo markets respectively.

6. Supplier performance
1-Product quality and customer satisfaction are priority issues for L'Oreal. Our quality system is permanently growing as part of an improvement approach in order to always be able to best meet the expectations of multiple consumers and markets.
2-or L'Oreal, incorporating social, environmental, and economic concerns is fundamental for its strategy and its activities, as it is with choosing partners and its supplier relations. For that purpose, L'Oreal has set up a social and environmental responsibility program with its suppliers. It intends to ensure the compliance with laws, the respect of human and labour rights, while protecting the health and safety of workers as well as the environment. Social audits and Health/safety/Environmental audits are frequently carried out worldwide, all along the supply chain, with the aim of selecting new suppliers while helping existing suppliers to implement best practices.
3-controlling the process of developing new products, in expertise, deadlines, and quality, relies on direct collaboration between L’Oréal and its suppliers. Offering consumers innovative products is one of L'Oreal's priorities. The capability of suppliers to offer innovations, develop new solutions together, or integrate environmental criteria are therefore key factors that contribute to the success of the Group's initiatives 4-l’Oréal assesses the competitiveness of suppliers on the basis of on-site meetings, exchanges of information, cost breakdown analyses, and a thorough analysis of costs, all beginning once a project is initiated. All along the exchanges with our suppliers and the life cycle of our products, we are seeking together and systematically the best options to optimize the costs. In this perspective, L’Oreal collaborates continuously with its supplier to find the best overall economical equation. 

7. Total quality Management
 L’oreal gives them branding and training ..

8. Thank You.

PowerPoint Presentation On ORACLE


Presentation Transcript:

2. Microsoft Interoperability & Support

3. This document is for informational purposes.  It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.  The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described in this document remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.  This document in any form, software or printed matter, contains proprietary information that is the exclusive property of Oracle.  This document and information contained herein may not be disclosed, copied, reproduced or distributed to anyone outside Oracle without prior written consent of Oracle.   This document is not part of your license agreement nor can it be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

4. Agenda
Windows Platform Interoperability and Support
.NET Interoperability and Support
Office Interoperability and Support

5. Oracle Fusion Middleware
Infrastructure for Fusion Architecture
Standard J2EE Java Environment
Application Development Framework and Tools
Business Process Design and Management
Enterprise Portal and Collaborative Workplace
Identity Management and Security
Enterprise Systems and Service Management
GRID infrastructure

6. On Windows, With .NET & For Office
Focus on Windows as Key Platform
Concurrent Testing & Delivery on MSFT-Windows
AD/Windows Security: Simpler Windows Native Authentication
IIS: Better perf. w/ Web Cache, Using IIS at HTTP tier
Clusterware: MSFT Cluster Services & MSFT NLB Support
Broad Product Integration with MS.NET
Web Services/Protocols: WS-I Basic Profile, Dime, Serializers, etc.
Managing .NET WS: Enforce policies w/ .NET agent and OWSM
UDDI Support: MSFT UDDI Browser Support
Queuing: JMS Bridge to MSMQ
Legacy Support: C++ Web Services to J2EE Interop
Orchestration: BizTalk Interoperability
Human Workflow: MSFT WinForms, InfoPath Integration
Portals: Sharing WS & Portlets across SharePoint, Oracle Portal
Directory Services: Simpler Active Directory Sync
Office 2003: Using InfoPath, Word, Excel as “front-end”
Orchestrating Office 2003: Incorporate into Workflows with BPEL PM
Alerting through Office: Oracle BAM to Outlook
Publish to Office docs: XML Publisher, Oracle BI Excel plugin

7. Windows Platform Support
Basic Runtime/J2EE Integration
Platform certification
Oracle Application Server runtime: Windows 2000/XP/2003
CPU’s: X86 and 64 bit platforms (Itanium, AMD …)
Internet Explorer 6, latest SP
Product interoperability
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4
Native Active Directory integration from the J2EE container
Extensive Web services interoperability
Upcoming plans
Upgrade to certify on Vista on availability
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Presentation Foundation

8. Microsoft IIS Web Tier Integration As Proxy
Reverse HTTP Proxy – OracleAS Proxy Plug in
Supports IIS forwarding requests to Oracle Application Server
DLL configured with Microsoft IIS

9. Microsoft IIS Web Tier Integration As Web/HTTP Server
IIS Plug in – OracleAS J2EE Plug-in
Supports routing directly from Microsoft IIS to OracleAS
DLL configured with Microsoft IIS

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.
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