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Thursday, July 26, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Products and Services

PPT On Products and Services

Presentation Transcript:
1.Products and Services

2.Product development process
Broad set of tools, techniques and concepts that provide a firm with a capability to provide distinctiveness in the offerings by rolling out new products and services faster and at a lower cost

3.Why to think of product development process ?
So that, the organization will be in better position to bring products and services to the market ahead of the competition


5.Customer Dimensions
Provides unique benefits and features
Meeting customer expectations better than existing products
Provides better quality as perceived by customers
Results in innovative offerings to the customers


7.Sustained performance
Simplifies products use and maintenance
Reduces cost of use over product lifetime
Addresses environmental issues


9.Operational advantages
Simplifies the manufacturing process
Simplifies the assembly process
Minimizes the need for revisions and changes after introduction


11.Strategic Advantages
Enables faster new product introduction
Reduces the cost of the product
Provides capabilities for mass customization

12.Product development process
Concept generation

13.Tools for efficient product development
Understanding customer needs (Market research/competitor analysis)
Quality function deployment
Value engineering
Design for manufacturability
Tools for mass customization

14.Performance measures
Cost based measures
Design effectiveness
Strategic measures
Market impact

15.1. Cost based measures
Target costs achieved status
Quantum of value engineering efforts
Cost of first production run
Cost overrun of product development project

16.2. Design effectiveness
Percentage of standard parts and processes
Time to return to normal quality
Number of revisions in the product design
Cost of field/service during first year after introduction
Time overrun of product development project

17.3. Strategic measures
Time to market
Concept to market
Number of new products introduced
percent of new products in the overall product portofolio

18.4. Market impact
Total product cost
Market share of new product
Total product sales in the first two years after introduction
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