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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On Story Of Life

Story Of Life


PowerPoint Presentation On Internal Environment

Internal Environment PPT


Internal Environment Presentation Transcript:
1. Conditions, entities, events, and factors within an organization which influence its activities and choices, particularly the behavior of the employees.

Coherent set of values adopted and/or evolved by a person, organization, or society as a standard to guide its behavior in preferences in all situations.

3. Guide to planning & daily management States fundamental purposes Unique qualities or distinctiveness Commitments to constituencies Major emphases, directions, & services

4. Objectives are those ends that the organisation seeks to achieve by its existence and operation. Objectives are more specific than goals Objectives depend on mission, goals, strategists, internal and external analysis and the resultant SWOT

5. “Brand image is everything. It is the sum of all tangible & intangible traits the ideas, beliefs, values, prejudices, interests, features & ancestry that make it unique. A brand image visually & collectively represents all internal & external characteristics the name, symbol, packaging, literature, signs, vehicles & culture. It's anything & everything that influences how a brand or a company is perceived by target constituencies or even a single customer.

6. Extends +ve consumer feelings to new products 1Enables higher pricing Enables increased repeat buying Attracts quality employees Increased financial viability as ranked by analysts and corp. raters

7. Conflict between workers & managers Interdepartmental conflicts and mistrust Unhealthy competition & conflict between employees Office politics and discrimination at workplace Corruption & Misuse of office position Sexual harassments.

8. A pro-active approach to ensure the long-term viability and integrity of the business by optimizing resource needs, reducing environmental, energy or social impacts and managing resources

9. Business Sustainability
Business sustainability is the increase in productivity and/or reduction of consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness, or profitability. Examples include: Facility efficiencies (HVAC, water, raw materials, etc.) Material and process improvements Supply chain efficiencies Products or services that are more efficient (i.e. hybrid cars, renewable fuels, etc.) Recycling Telecommuting Optimization of any resource use

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PowerPoint Presentation On Media Planning

PPT On Media Planning


Media Planning Presentation Transcript:
1. Media –planning is the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message in most effective manner to the number of potential customers at lower cost. In brief,media planning includes the answer to following 5 W’S 2 WHERE: where are potential customers located?

2. 1 WHOM: whom do we want to reach?
2 WHERE: where are potential customers located?
3 WHAT: what type of message is to be communicated?
4 WHICH: which media is to be selected for communicating with our target audience?
 5 WHEN: when ad is to be issued?

3. Press models Cinema models Computer media planning models

4. Insufficient information Inconsistent terminologies Time pressures Difficulty measuring effectiveness Inadequate expertise Difficulty in cost comparison

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PPT On New Product Development

New Product Development PPT


New Product Development Presentation Transcript:

2. Before knowing what is New Product Development we must know what is product ? A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a need or want. Or We can say that product is anything which have the capability to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers or end users.

3. New Product Development (NPD); is “The term used to describe the complete process of bringing a new product or service to market.” “New product development refers to original products, product improvements, product modifications, and new brands developed from the firm’s own research and development” Or We can say that “The process of designing and launching the product into the market. Products that are either original, improved modified or new brands by means of research and development activities.”

4. Bozz, Hamilton & Allen identified six categories of New Products:- New to the world product New product lines Addition to the existing product lines Improvement & revisions of existing products. Repositioning Cost reduction

5. Several factors tend to hinder the new product development :- Social and government constraints. Shortage of ideas in certain areas. Fragmented market. Cost of developments Capital shortage. Faster required development time. Shorter product life cycle.

6. Poor organization system for handling New Product Ideas. Poor market planning. Poor forecasting and market research. High product development cost. Questionable pricing strategy. Bad timing of introduction of new product. Lack of advertisement. Poor product decision. Over optimism about market plans.

7. The following steps which are followed in New product development process are as follows:- Idea generation Idea screening Concept development and testing Marketing strategy development Business analysis Product development Marketing strategy Test marketing Commercialization

8. It is necessary for growth of enterprises. It ensures the sales and profit maximization of the firm. All products decline with time (life cycle)‏ The market is dynamic. Technical innovation is permanent etc…….

9. So to conclude we can say that new product development is necessary to establish an effective organization for managing the development process. Marketing should participate with other departments in every stage of new product d development.

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PowerPoint Presentation On Pest Analysis

 Pest Analysis PPT


Pest Analysis Presentation Transcript:
1. What is PEST Analysis?
This analysis is essential for an organization before beginning its marketing process Consists of internal environment and external environment

2. Break up of PEST
Political Factors
Economic Factors
Socio Cultural Factors
Technological Factors

3. Political Factors
This is the most important influence on the regulation of any business. How stable is the political environment? Influence the Government Policy / Law on your business Government’s position on Marketing Ethics Government’s policy on the economy Government’s view on culture under religion

4. Political Factors - Contd.
Political System is responsible for Law Making. Immediate laws which affect any business in general are Central Excise, Sales Tax/ VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax & Service Tax Environmental Protection Law Controls if any on Marketing Strategies Like Marketing / Advertising of Cigarettes, Tobacco, Alcohol etc.

5. Political Factors - Contd..
Control on Pricing like sugar, drugs etc. Government Policies on the Economy Role of Public Sector Role of Private Sector Role of Joint Sector

6. Economic Factors
Government outlook towards Bank Financing Interest Rates Exchange Rate Mechanism Incentives for Exports Restrictions for Imports Inflation Labour Policies

7. Economic Factors - Contd.
Level of Government Spending Avenues for Capital Creation Size of the Capital Market Role of the Regulator Type of the Instruments Nature of the Investors

8. Economic Factors - Contd.
Business Cycles Monsoon Energy Availability Cost of Energy

9. Socio-Cultural Factors
 Demographics Distribution of Income Social Mobility Life Style Changes Consumerism Educational Levels

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