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Saturday, June 23, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Easy and Difficult

PPT On Easy and Difficult


Presentation Transcript:
1.  Easy and Difficult

2.-Easy to occupy a place in the telephone directory.
 -Difficult to occupy the heart of somebody.

3. Easy to judge the errors of others.
 -Difficult to recognize our own errors.

4. -Easy to hurt those whom we love.
-Difficult to heal those wounds.

5. -Easy to forgive others.
-Difficult to ask for forgiveness.

6. -Easy to exhibit victory.
-Difficult to assume defeat with dignity.

7. -Easy to dream every night.
-Difficult to fight for a dream.

 8. -Easy to pray every night.
-Difficult to find God in the smallest of things.

9. -Easy to say we love.
-Difficult to demonstrate it every day.

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