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Saturday, March 16, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On HR SCORE CARD


HR SCORE CARD Presentation Transcript:
1. History:
HR Score cards was developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton they built up on the original “Balanced Score card” theories of Art Schneider man. Kaplan and Norton wrote a couple of papers in the early 1900’s on the subject, following a book in 1996 called “The Balance Scorecard”.

2. Definition:
The HR Scorecard represents that HR measurement systems must be based on a clear understanding of organizational strategy and the capabilities and behaviours of the labour force essential to execute that strategy. As a result, an HR Scorecard is a method for recitation and measuring how people and people managing systems create value in organizations, as well as communicating key organizational objectives to the labour force.

3. Perspectives:
The development of an Hr scorecard must be done with four perspective in mind. These include: -> A financial perspective to address strategies that satisfy customers; -> A customer perspective that asks what customer want ->An internal perspective that addresses the stated desires of customers and designs processes consistent with those desire learning perspective that taken into account . ->Hr employees can implement steps to align hr goals with the overall company mission, vision and business objectives.

4. Implementation:
It has seven step model based on the book. “The Hr Scorecard”. 1st- Hr manager must define the company’s business strategy to employees and define employee roles in achieving that goal. 2nd-Hr departments must take role as a strategic partner with in an organization. 3rd-A strategic map is created to identify the hr departments position in an organization’s chain of command & barriers to its contribution to business success. 4th –Hr deliverables are established for the strategic map that identify changes and potential contributions to overall company success.

5. 5th- The Hr structure is aligned to achieve established deliverables. 6th-A strategic Hr measurement system is designed that provides for moving from traditional measures like turnover and employee satisfaction to more intangible measurable. 7th- Finally, the new measures are implemented and constantly reviewed and modified.

6. Thank You.
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