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Monday, August 6, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Lokpal Bill

PPT On Lokpal Bill


PowerPoint Presentation On Distribution Management of HUL

PPT On Distribution Management of HUL

Presentation Transcript:
1. Distribution Management of HUL

2. Introduction
 Hindustan  Unilever  Limited  (‘HUL’),  formerly  Hindustan  Lever  Limited  (it  was  renamed  in  late  June  2007  as  HUL) India's  largest  Fast  Moving  Consumer  Goods  company HUL  is  also  one  of  the  country's  largest  exporters

3. Analysis of Distribution Management of HUL
We  have  analyzed  the  distribution  network  of  HUL from the following  aspects:
1. Evolution of HUL’s distribution management
2. Distribution network & Channel design
3. Approaches to rural distribution

4. Evolution of HUL’s distribution management
The first phase of the HUL distribution management had wholesalers placing bulk orders directly with the company The focus of the second phase, which spanned the decades of the 40s, was to provide desired products and quality service to the company‘s customers The highlight of the third phase was the concept of "Redistribution Stockist" (RS) who replaced the RWs

5. Channel Design
Hindustan Lever Limited (HUL) has two types of channel selling: Regular (traditional) retail channel Direct Selling Channel in the name of Hindustan Lever Network(HLN)

6. Channel structure
Redistribution stockists:-
Sales  Margin:  4.76%  which  includes  cash  discount,  unloading  expenses  from  depot,  distribution  expenses  to  retailers,  incentive  schemes  &  other  incidental  expenses.   Modes  of  transport  used:  Rickshaw,  tempo.   Incentive  schemes   Software  systems  and  Information  System:  UNIFY  8.3  (Developed  by  IBM  &  CMC).  This  software  needs  to  be  synchronized  daily  and  the  system  updates  any  information/  incentive  schemes  /  sales  figures  etc  to  and  from  the  common  shared  platform.   Areas  of  Operations Selling  Operations:   sells  the  goods  to  ‐  
 o Wholesaler
 o Retailers  

7. Thank You

PowerPoint Presentation On Uniqueness of Google

Uniqueness of Google PPT

Presentation Transcript:
David A.Vise was born on June 16, 1960 in Tennessee He is a journalist and author for over 20 years. He won Pulitzer Award in 1990 for Washington Post His book ‘The Google Story’ proved to be the national bestseller in more than two dozen languages Presently, he is the Senior Commentator for

SERGEY BRIN - A maths student, strong background, completed graduation in Computer Science, fit and outspoken, strong in solving computer and math problem.

LARRY PAGE- A Midwestern, never made show offs, competitive in his attitude, hardworking.

3. Cropping up of the idea
Both Sergey brin and Larry page met in Stanford in 1995. Both of them were Ph.d students. They analysed the problem which aroused at that time due to search engine. The search engines at that time provided obscure information about something called “link”. It became very difficult to get the complete information for anything Slow speed.

4. Uniqueness of Google
Free to users Word of mouth Best and Brightest Minds 20 percent time Assembles its computers Doodles

5. Thank You

PowerPoint Presentation On How To Design A Unique Logo

PPT On How To Design A Unique Logo

Presentation Transcript:
1. How To Design A Unique And Unforgettable Logo
Check Our PPT to learn how to design and make a logo.
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