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Monday, August 6, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Uniqueness of Google

Uniqueness of Google PPT

Presentation Transcript:
David A.Vise was born on June 16, 1960 in Tennessee He is a journalist and author for over 20 years. He won Pulitzer Award in 1990 for Washington Post His book ‘The Google Story’ proved to be the national bestseller in more than two dozen languages Presently, he is the Senior Commentator for

SERGEY BRIN - A maths student, strong background, completed graduation in Computer Science, fit and outspoken, strong in solving computer and math problem.

LARRY PAGE- A Midwestern, never made show offs, competitive in his attitude, hardworking.

3. Cropping up of the idea
Both Sergey brin and Larry page met in Stanford in 1995. Both of them were Ph.d students. They analysed the problem which aroused at that time due to search engine. The search engines at that time provided obscure information about something called “link”. It became very difficult to get the complete information for anything Slow speed.

4. Uniqueness of Google
Free to users Word of mouth Best and Brightest Minds 20 percent time Assembles its computers Doodles

5. Thank You

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