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Saturday, July 24, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Cyber Terrorism

 PPT On Cyber Terrorism


Cyber Terrorism Presentation Transcript:
Cyber terrorism – The use of the Net for terrorism. Cyber crime – The use of the Net for criminal actions. Cyber Attacks – Email bombs, viruses, intentional actions. Information Warfare – Formalized governmental warfare Netwar – Conducting warfare via Networks & the Net Techno Terrorism – Use of technology by terrorist groups

Contains two elements:- Cyber-Space Terrorism Premeditated Politically motivated Attack against information, computer systems, computer programs and data Result in violence

Terrorist: “ who causes intense fear; one who controls, dominates, or coerces through the use of terror in furtherance of political or social objectives”. Cyber-Terrorist: An individual that uses computer\network technology (i.e., networks, computers, Internet) to cause intense fear; one who uses computer\network technology to control, dominate, or coerce through the use of terror in furtherance of political or social objectives.

Cheaper Action is difficult to track Personalities and Location can be hidden No Security to go through Remotely Vast Destruction can be done Big targets can be attacked

Privacy Violation: The law of privacy is the recognition of the individual's right to be let alone and to have his personal space inviolate. The violation of this attracts both civil as well as criminal consequences under the respective laws. Man has become sensitive to publicity, so that solitude and privacy have become essential to the individual. Certain acts have been categorized as offences and contraventions, which have tendency to intrude with the privacy rights of the citizens

6. Secret information appropriation and data theft:
The information technology can be misused for appropriating the valuable Government secrets and data of private individuals and the Government and its agencies. A computer network owned by the Government may contain valuable information concerning defence and other top secrets, which the Government will not wish to share otherwise. The same can be targeted by the terrorists to facilitate their activities, including destruction of property. NOTE: The definition of property is not restricted to moveable's or immoveable

7. Demolition of E-governance Base:
The aim of e-governance is to make the interaction of the citizens with the government offices hassle free and to share information in a free and transparent manner. It further makes the right to information a meaningful reality. In a democracy, people govern themselves and they cannot govern themselves properly unless they are aware of social, political, economic and other issues confronting them. To enable them to make a proper judgment on those issues, they must have the benefit of a range of opinions on those issues

8. Distributed denial of Service Attack
The cyber terrorists may also use the method of distributed denial of services (DDOS) to overburden the Government and its agencies electronic bases. This is made possible by first infecting several unprotected computers by way of virus attacks and then taking control of them. Once control is obtained, they can be manipulated from any locality by the terrorists. These infected computers are then made to send information or demand in such a large number that the server of the victim collapses.

9. Network Damage and Disruption:
The main aim of cyber terrorist activities is to cause networks damage and their disruptions. This activity may divert the attention of the security agencies for the time being thus giving the terrorists extra time and makes their task comparatively easier. This process may involve a combination of computer tampering, virus attacks, hacking, etc.

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