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Saturday, July 24, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Browser RAD Tools And Apple Devices

PPT On Browser RAD Tools


Browser RAD Tools And Apple Devices Presentation Transcript:
1. Back in the days of Browser War
1996-1997 Netscape Navigator Internet Explorer Each browser was implementing its own Standards

2. Weren’t we supposed to talk about RAD using some safari tool? And there I go! Demonstration

3. Safari Developer Tools
Firebug like functionality in Safari Rapid Prototyping Errors Performance and profiling HTML5 Offline Database

4. Why develop for iPhone?
It’s a great device It’s innovation. It’s touch. Publish your application in AppStore Availability of very well documented SDK CocoaTouch Framework for native apps WebKit engine for web browser experience

5. Web Applications for iPhone
What are they? Difference between native apps and web applications Let’s build one application (quick demo of dashcode) Some examples of web applications

6. Bonus for jQuery fans here!

7. Thanks.

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