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Saturday, July 24, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Spring Framework

 PPT On Spring Framework


Spring Framework Presentation Transcript:
1. What is Spring?
A Container Creates objects and makes them available to your application A Framework Provides an infrastructure of classes that make it easier to accomplish tasks

2. What does Spring provide?
Lightweight container and framework Most of your code will be unaware of the Spring framework Use only the parts you of Spring you want Manages dependencies between your objects Encourages use of interfaces Lessens “coupling” between objects Cleaner separation of responsibilities Put logic that applies to many objects in one single place Separate the class’s core responsibility from other duties Simplifies database integration Spring JDBC Hibernate iBATIS Java Persistence

3. Spring Modules –
Use What You Want

4. Example Application
Contacts – store and retrieve contacts Created using MyEclipse 7 Uses Maven 2 to manage libraries Demonstrates basic Spring capabilities Contact has a Person, collection of Email, and collection of Phone objects Can use an XML file or database as repository User interface is via the console See READ_ME file under project folder

5. Dependency Management
Manage collaboration (dependencies) between Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) Code to interfaces Use Spring to instantiate specific interface implementations Don’t need InterfaceType anObject = new ClassThatImplementsInterfaceType() Use Spring to provide specific interface implementations to your objects

6. External Configuration
Configuration options Properties files XML configuration files Annotations XML Configuration Specify the creation of objects Specify the dependencies between objects

7. Handling Change
Change dependencies without changing code Edit the configuration file Create multiple configuration files

8. Testing Applications
Easier to test Use a test configuration file to create test objects and manage their dependencies Reuse objects across tests Test service layer objects by creating stub dependent objects See:

9. Separation of Responsibilities Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) Aspect-Oriented Programming in Spring Put a concern (logic) that applies to many different objects in one single place Logging, security, performance testing, transaction management

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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