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Saturday, July 24, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On JIRO Technology

 PPT On JIRO Technology


JIRO Technology Presentation Transcript:
1. Problem before JIRO Introduce by Sun Micro System Managing Distributed Resource. Platform independent Web based GUI’S and Management App

2. Using JIRO Integrated and Automated Management Software. A standard extension to the Java platform, is specified by the Federated Management Architecture (FMA). Jiro goes further than just platform independence, however, and introduces Jini-connection technology for distributed management across a network.

3. Three tier architecture
The requirements for this middle tier were determined by an analysis of distributed management and the resources that need to be monitored and controlled. There may be several resources processing the data as it moves from the application to its eventual destination -- a disk drive, for example Separating the control path from the data path

4. Working Partition the Management environment private management servers can host management services that are specific to their hosts The servers (including the shared server) can be replicated to achieve higher availability. These servers form an intra domain federation for the management domain. The shared management servers can also communicate with each other.

5. Static Service known as Federated Beans base services -
- are a guaranteed part of the environment in a management domain. The base services include transaction, controller, logging, events, and scheduling. They are available for use by the clients and services belonging to a management domain, and do not depend on the dynamic services model. There is only one of each type of service available in each management domain.

6. The Transaction
service is a Jini transaction manager serving a particular management domain. The Controller service provides for the reservation of ownership within the management domain. Management software can use the Log service to log decisions and state changes, as well as to maintain audit trails. The Event service provides a set of topics to which management services can post and listen. This allows management services to react to both changing conditions in the environment and decisions that other management services have made. The Scheduling service allows a management service to perform periodic or scheduled operations, such as polling.

7. Dynamic services
The FederatedBeans dynamic services model extends Java's Remote Method Invocation (RMI) to support the higher level of abstraction appropriate for management application. Additional management capabilities (security, transaction, controller) that can be added to any Jiro-based component Transactional persistence Remote class method (procedural) invocations Remote object instantiation

8. Management Automation Example
The first set of Jiro components that need to be developed for these situations are called Management Facades. The resource vendor typically develops the Management Facades for its products that enable the products to be managed by Jiro -based software. FederatedBeans components will typically use a standard protocol, such as SNMP, to talk to the resource (in the case of a device or system) or native library (in the case of software). We'll create two FederatedBeans components for this example. The first component maintains a pool of spare disks that can be used for multiple applications and hosts in the storage network.

9. Continue….
The second FederatedBeans component will monitor file system utilization and try to predict when the file system will run out of space. It accesses usage information from the filesystem's Management Facade and tracks its usage over time. After predicting an out-of-space condition based on the history of past usage, it then calls the Storage Pool Bean to get a disk from its pool. When the Storage Pool Bean gets the request for the disk, it calls the switch's Management Facade to change the zone of the newly allocated disk to that of the host.

10. Conclusion
Jiro makes possible software that can increase availability and help reduce the cost and complexity of management The new paradigm for management software is multiple-vendor creation and reuse of these FederatedBeans components. The Storage Pool bean in our example could also be used by a component that consumes disks due to failure predictions, for example.

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