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Friday, July 23, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Reliable Array Of Independent Nodes

 PPT On Reliable Array Of Independent Nodes


Reliable Array Of Independent Nodes Presentation Transcript:
RAIN technology was able to offer the solution by minimizing the number of nodes in the chain connecting the client and server By RAIN tecnology making the existing nodes more robust and independent of each other RAIN technology provides the novel feature of replacing a faulty node by a healthy one there by avoiding the break in information flow

2. In effect with the aid of RAIN connection between a client and server can be maintained despite all the existing problems. To increase reliability and performance, one should look for ways to reduce the number of links in the chain and make each remaining link more robust.

3. Two assumptions reflect the differentiations between RAIN and a number of existing solutions both in the industry and in academia: 1. The most general share-nothing model is assumed. 2. The distributed application is not an isolated system.

4. RAIN Technology
created RAIN software, which has three components: A component that stores data across distributed processors and retrieves it even if some of the processors fail. A communications component that creates a redundant network between multiple processors and supports a single, uniform way of connecting to any of the processors. A computing component that automatically recovers and restarts applications if a processor fails.

5. Development of API’s for using the various building blocks. The implementation of a real distributed file system using the partitioning scheme developed here. The Group Communication Protocols are being extended to address more challenging scenarios.

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