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Friday, July 23, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Chameleon Chip

PPT On Chameleon Chips


Chameleon Chip Presentation Transcript:
1. Chameleon Chip

A reconfigurable processor is a microprocessor with erasable hardware that can rewire itself dynamically. This allows the chip to adapt effectively to the programming tasks demanded by the particular software they are interfacing with at any given time.
Reconfigurable processor chip usually contains several parallel processing computational units known as functional blocks.

3. CONTD..
When a particular software is loaded the present hardware design is erased and a new hardware design is generated by making a particular number of connections active while making others idle.

4. CONTD..
It is possible to get ten times better performance, with ten times lower energy consumption at the same time, according to Heysters. He did his research at the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology of the University of Twente in The Netherlands.

A reconfigurable processor is a microprocessor with erasable hardware that can rewire itself dynamically.

6. CONTD..
For example, a single device could serve as both a camera and a tape recorder (among numerous other possibilities): you would simply download the desired software and the processor would reconfigure itself to optimize performance for that function.

7. CONTD..
• ASIC provide ultimate performance but fail in time-to-market and unable to satisfy the need of flexibility.
• Reconfiguration versus Dedicated Hardware - higher performance, lower cost and lower power consumption.

can create customized communications signal processors increased performance and channel count can more quickly adapt to new requirements and standards lower development costs and reduce risk. Reducing power Reducing manufacturing cost.

Inertia – Engineers slow to change Inertia is the worst problem facing reconfigurable computing  RCP designs requires comprehensive set of tools 'Learning curve' for designers unfamiliar with reconfigurable logic

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