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Friday, July 23, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Multi Core Technology

 PPT On Multi Core Technology


Multi Core Technology  Presentation Transcript:
1. In this technology, multiple cores of processors are packaged on a single die. Multi Core Technology is researched more nowadays because it is realized that it is better to focus on real multiprogramming, multithreading instead of focusing on increase in clock speed, performance of single core of processor.

2. Dual core technology is multiple core technology in which two core of CPUs are connected on a single die. Eg. Include pentium dual core, intel core duo, intel core2 duo, AMD athlon X2 etc.

3. This brand refers to mainstream x86 architecture microprocessors from Intel. They are based on both 32 bit and 64 bit. In terms of features, price and performance at given clock speed, Pentium dual core comes above Celeron but below Intel core duo and core 2 duo.

4. Yonah: It has 32 bit Pentium M derived core and resembles to core duo architecture. 1 MB L2 cache instead of 2MB L2 cache in core duo. 533 MHz FSB. Allendale: Support Intel 64 extension. Based on core architecture. Resembles with core 2 duo but have 1 MB L2 cache. 800 MHz FSB.

5. Wolfdale: 2 MB L2 cache. 1066 MHz FSB. 2.5 GHz clock speed. Comparison to Pentium D: Pentium dual core is based on core technology while Pentium D is not. Pentium Dual Core consumes 65W peak power where Pentium D consumes 130W peak power. Maximum 2MB L2 cache for PDC while 4MB L2 cache for Pentium D. Despite this PDC is much faster than Pentium D under variety of CPU intensive applications.

6. Core brand refers to Intel’s 32 bit mobile dual core x86 CPU, derived from Pentium M branded processors. It used more advanced version of Intel P6 microarchitecture. It was a precursor of 64-bit Core microarchitecture of core 2 branded CPU. It contains two branches: Duo Solo

7. Intel Core Duo: It was launched by the release of the 32 bit Yonah CPU. Its dual core layout closely resembles two interconnected Pentium M branded CPU packaged as a single die silicon chip(IC). It had more in common with Pentium M branded CPU rather than 64 bit core microarchitecture of core 2 branded CPUs. It is the first Intel processor to be ever used in Apple Macintosh computers. Shared 2 MB L2 cache. An arbiter that controls both L2 cache and FSB access. 151 million transistors and each execution core contains a 12 stage pipeline.

8. Intel Core Solo: Uses the same two core die as core duo but features only one active. This is used to sell processors which have defect on one core but not on another.

9. This brand refers to Intel’s consumer 64 bit x86-64 single, dual, quad core CPUs based on the Intel Core microarchitecture. The single and dual core model are single die whereas quad core is two die, each containing two cores. It reunified desktop and laptop lines. Provides efficient decoding stages, execution units, caches reducing the power consumption and increasing the processing capacity. The Core 2 brand comprises of solo, duo, quad and extreme.

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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