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Monday, September 28, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Symbian OS

Symbian Operating System PPT


Symbian OS Presentation Transcript:
1. 1.5 billion mobile phone users (ITU) Mobile device capabilities are significantly advanced than those in the past Key question Are we going to face the same level of threat to security of mobile devices as that of in desktop environment?

2. Operating System (OS) Process Management Memory Management File Management I/O Management Networking

3. Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Characterized by timing constraints Mobile Operating System (Mobile OS) RTOS running on a mobile device

 4. Symbian established as a private independent company in June 1998, owned by Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Psion. Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and supplies the advanced, open, standard operating system – Symbian OS – for data-enabled mobile phones.

5. Release v6.1 2001, Release v6.2 Q1/2002, Release v7 2003 including Multimedia Framework (MMF) Release v8 2004 allowing manufacturers to build Symbian OS Release v9 2005 supporting the latest generation .

6. Browsing: full web browser support and WAP stack for mbile browsing Messaging: support MMS, EMS, SMS, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP; standard attachments; fax Multimedia: shared access to screen, keyboard, fonts and bitmaps; audio recording and playback, and image related functionality , including API for graphics acceleration, streaming and direct screen access Communication protocols: including TCP, IP version 4, IP version 6 and WAP, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB Mobile telephony: abstract API for cellular standards.

7. Data caging allows applications on a Symbian OS device to have private data which is not accessible by other applications. It is about file access control. Opposite to traditional “Access Control List”, it is “Fixed Access Control Policy

8. Small and mobile, but always available Mobile phones are both small and, by definition, mobile. This creates high user expectations. Addressing the mass-market Reliable. Data loss in a personal mobile phone causes a loss of trust between the user and the phone

9. Handling occasional connectivity Mobility constraints generally make a wireless connection preferable - whether wide area (using wireless telephony) or personal area (such as infrared or Bluetooth). Wireless connectivity is patchy, caused by different protocols Open platform An operating system for the mass-market must be open for third-party development.

10. For more info. please refer our PPT. Thanks.


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