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Thursday, October 8, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Geophysical Instrumentation

Presentation On Geophysical Instrumentation


Geophysical Instrumentation Presentation Transcript:
1. Providing the location on land for the geophysical survey. Types of Survey :- - 2D Survey - 3D Survey - 4D Survey ( Time Lapse )

2. Theodolites
Total Station Unit GPS

3. Theodolites -
Used to measure horizontal & vertical angles - Very old technique. - Not equipped with internal compass. - Principle of taking reading is based on optics. - Line of Sight is required.

4. Digital Display of angular measurements Capable of performing the calculation of slope to horizontal distances Advantage in speed and accuracy

Eliminating Cables and enables one person to carry out all the field measurements Allows person to determine the time and the precise location anywhere on earth

Accelerometers Geophone HydroPhones

7. Accelerometers
Hydrophones Used in Marine Work Based on the principle of Piezoelctricity Also known as Pressure Phones

8. Geophone
Based on the principle that the relative motion b/w coil and Magnet produces emf Spring is used for damping

9. Explosive Sources
- Dynamite - Gas Gun Non Explosive Sources - Weight Drop Technique - Vibrator

10. For more info. please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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