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Thursday, October 8, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation On Industrial Automation

Presentation On Industrial Automation


Industrial Automation Presentation Transcript:
1. Energy Medical engineering Real estate Control systems Transportation systems Information and communication systems Industrial projects Automation systems

2. Swichgear Motors Drives Automation system

3. It is an electronic device that controls machines and processes. With the introduction of micro controllers and development in the field of software technology has replaced the physical wiring of control devices A plc monitors inputs ,makes decision based on its program and controls outputs to automate a process or machine.

4. PLC’s are effective in totally eliminating the possibilities of human error. It is effective in the potentially high explosive chemical processes. It also ensures good quality under repetitive processes.

5. Statement list (stl) Function block diagram (fbd) Ladder logic (lad)

6. S7-200 CPU s support a variety of communication protocols :- Point to point interface Multipoint interface PROFIBUS - DP

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