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Monday, August 16, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation On Graphics Editor

PPT On Graphics Editor


Graphics Editor Presentation Transcript:
Computer graphics involves display,manipulation and storage of picture and data for proper visualiztion using a computer. It is a significant application of computers in every field of life.

1.Computer Aided Design Use interactive computer graphics for designing components of engineering fields. 2.Graphical User Interface It helps an user to interact with an application in an easier way. 3.Scientific Visualization and Business Plotting It also helpful in showing various scientific data and helps in analysing business data.

The objective of this project is to develop a 3D-Graphics Editor that allows the user to draw and modify images. The minimum features included in the project are:  Cursor movement Free Hand drawing Editing picture objects such as line, circle, box, arc, ellipse & spiral drawing Clipping Filling Geometric Transformations

Translation- process of changing the position of an object from one coordinate location to another. Rotation- process of rotating an object by an angle Q(theta) with respect to origin. Scaling- process of expanding or reducing the dimension or size of an object. Reflection- it generates the mirror image of an object. Shearing- it is used to modify the shapes of an object.

It is a process of identifying the object of the scene that are outside the clipping region which can be further removed or clipped from viewing window. Types of Clipping. Point Clipping Line Clipping Polygon Clipping Text Clipping Curve Clipping

Problem Statement “Develop a suitable graphics package to implement the skills learnt in the theory and in lab.” In this project we have implemented the Graphics Editor to perform the basic graphics operations. Implementation is done using C language. Graphical editors can be classified as: Command driven Menu driven Icon driven Cont…

7. Command Driven Editor The earliest editors were of the above type. In a command driven editor all editing and creation operations like resize, draw circle etc were input from the keyboard. Menu Driven Editor A menu driven editor allows the user to choose from a set of operations that are grouped by logical connectivity in the form of menus. Icon Driven Editor In an icon driven editor (the current generation of editors), icons represent all the functions and clicking on them performs the desired action.

8. Hardware Requirements Keyboard Colour Monitor Mouse Software Requirements Windows Operating System MS Dos 6.0 and above Turbo C

9. The users of an editor can vary and hence his/her requirements can vary depending on the environment of the editor and its applications. The general requirements of a graphics editor are: Interactive Auto Formatting Multiple Input Sources Efficient Convenient

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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