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Monday, August 12, 2013

Problems of Education in Egypt PPT


Problems of Education in Egypt Presentation Transcript:
1.Final Project

Problems of Education in Egypt Over population  Private lessons Infrastructure   Old techniques of education  Not qualified instructors  No clear governmental plans Subjects aren’t related to the labor market           Neglecting Technical Education The gap between the family and the school  Illiteracy
Solutions to these problems

3.From the dawn of history Egypt was known as the teacher of the world. And was know for its leadership in the field of education.
The Pharaonic age: Egyptians were very clever in sciences like math, chemistry, geometry, medicine, and astronomy.
The Greco-Roman empire : Egypt was famous for its scholars and scientists like Archimedes. The library and the university of Alexandria were the best educational place in the world at that time
Islamic and modern world: Al Azhar, Fatimid Architecture, and delegations to Europe.

4.Unfortunately This isn’t the situation nowadays Egyptian Education is no longer strong because of the problems it has.

5.Problems of Education
No clear governmental plans
Instability , and no binding rules to maintain assurance in the schooling or the academic university systems.
No long term plans for reforming education.
Almost every year there is a new decision taken by a new prime minster or a minister concerning a new law that affects education.
Every new minister of education comes and ignores the previous minister’s efforts and start again.

6.Over population
Statistics from Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics shows that there are 16 million 101 thousand and 210 student in Egypt.
Classes are so crowded so teachers can’t give all what they have.
No appropriate environment for education.
Less attention to the instructor.
Students can’t use the education facilities like labs due to their number.
Faster destruction for the infrastructure like classes, bathrooms, labs.
Health problems may happen because of the crowd.

7.Not qualified instructors
As a result of bad education systems there are many teachers who aren't well qualified to deal with the students.
The inefficiency of the instructors and his inability to convey the information properly and also the inability to distinguish the differences between individual students.
In each level of education student needs a specific kind of treatment from teachers but they don’t understand this.
Instructors lack how to deal with students psychologically and lack to having different ways of teaching.

8. Illiteracy
Large number of illiterates in Egypt.
There is a relation between poverty and illiteracy in Egypt.
45% of the workers in Egypt are illiterates.
The Egyptian government doesn’t spend enough money in fighting illiteracy.

9.Private lessons
Students are less interested in going to schools.
Changing the nature of the relation between the student and the teacher.
Creating type of dependency at the student.
Teachers are not giving the required care to the students in schools.
Teachers distinguish between students in treatment in classes.
Private lessons creates miserable economic burden on families.

10.Old techniques of education
The educational system didn’t change since Mohamed  Ali.
The cramming system where the teacher provides everything , and students take notes , there is no participation.
Moreover, each lesson has an enormous amount of data that has to be memorized by heart to be able to pass their finals at the end of the term.
The grading scheme is unfair because the whole grade depends only on the finals so we find the phenomenon of students studying at home and they don’t go to schools.

11.The gap between the family and the school
The family and the school are the main factors in building the student's back ground and habits.
These two factors must work together in the right way to improve the student's performance and to solve the problems that the student might face.
The absence of any factor of them leads to:
1- bad habits like drugs, Alcohol, disrespecting.
2- poor academic performance.
3- Bad behavior regards teachers.

The educational infrastructure in Egypt isn’t strong or developed at all.
The number of schools  isn’t proportional to the number of students  especially in the countryside.
Many children have to walk for kilometers to reach their schools.
Schools don’t contain advanced labs and modern technology means.

13.Neglecting Technical Education reasons
The society’s view of technical education is always negative.
The poor condition of buildings and equipment of the schools because the government doesn’t develop them.
The number of students in classes is huge so classes are overcrowded.
Concentrating on the theoretical side and ignoring the practical one.
This led to
Students don’t have enough abilities.
Graduates don’t find work which increases the problem of unemployment

Subjects aren’t related to the labor market

15.Private lessons
Restoring the main role of schools as the main source for students of learning and to be sufficient to the student.
Changing the grading scheme and putting grades on the participation in classes and on pop quizzes to force the student to attend regularly.
Making strict laws and strong punishment for teachers who give private lessons.
Changing people’s mentality by increasing public awareness. People think that private lessons is the only way for their children to succeed
Directing part from charity money for making educational groups to help students in their study for free.

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