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Monday, August 12, 2013

PPT On The New Art of The Leader


 The New Art of The Leader Presentation Transcript:
1.“All good leadership is founded on basic honesty”


3.Bill Cohen studied under Peter Drucker from 1975-79.
Became the first graduate of Peter’s executive graduate program

4.“The one quality that can be developed by studious reflections and practice is the leadership on men.” – President Eisenhowerr.
“Leadership is of utmost importance. Indeed there is no substitute for it.” – Peter Drucker, 1955.

5.Take Charge
Win Respect
Build your Organization
Multiply productivity
Use the 7 ways to get anyone to follow you
Gain Self – Confidence

6.One man can make a difference
Let’s ask Pf. Warren Bennis
Leadership is not  a “one” man task
You need people to supplement your task
You do not need to be a manager to be leader.
How can you lead before you are promoted?

7.“The factor that empowers the workforce & ultimately determines which organization succeed or fail is leadership of those organizations. When strategies, processes or cultures change, the key to improvement remains leadership.”
– Pf. Warren Bennis

8.Patton’s definition of leadership:
“The art of getting your sub-ordinates to do the impossible.”
Author’s definition:
“The art of influencing others to their maximum performance to accomplish any task, objective or project.”

9.Can you always get people to perform to their maximum potential?
First win over the minds of others.
Leaders are made, not born.
People will readily follow you in different circumstances for other reasons – if you know how to lead.

10.One man can make a difference.
Obtain help form others to become successful through the practice of leadership.
You don’t need to be a manager to be a leader.
Learning the combat model of leadership
Leadership – to motivate people to perform to their max potential.
Leaders are made not born.
Your ability to motivate people is independent of factors like a pleasant working condition.


12.Make others feel important
Promote your vision
Treat others as you would be treated yourself
Take responsibility for your actions and those of your group

13.Praise in public, criticize in private
Take the time to see and be seen
Use competitions to make striving a game

14.Become an uncrowned leader
Hundreds of opportunities
How to find uncrowned leadership jobs?
Don’t fight; stay back.
Just help the group as best as you can
As Marine corps Colonel Al Garsys, a friend and classmate of the author, says: “I can lead and I can follow. An important aspect of leadership is knowing when to do which.”

15.Be an unselfish teacher
a helper of others
Give some of your time and resources
Teach and help others, even at the cost of yourself
While teaching, you’ll gain additional resources.

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