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Monday, August 12, 2013

PPT On Virtual Projection


Virtual Projection Presentation Transcript: 
1.Virtual Projection

2.What is virtual projection?
What it needs?
How it works?
Virtual projection vs. Traditional projection

3.What is virtual projection?
A technology that uses smartphone cameras to fire mobile images onto another display. It’s a bit like having a Pico projector for digital screens

4.What it needs?
A smart phone
Running pc with an installed virtual projection software
Wi-Fi connection

5.When you hold your phone up to the screen of a computer running the virtual projection software
 The phone's camera constantly captures and compares images from the screen to work out its location.
 This information is passed back to the computer via Wi-Fi to place the virtual projection in the right place on the screen.

6. Losing image intensity at greater distances
Undergoing keystone distortion when projected from an angle
Rotating and scaling images
Way of connection
Tracking inputs from several devices once.


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