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Monday, August 12, 2013

PPT On Values Attitudes And Job Satisfaction


Values Attitudes And Job Satisfaction Presentation Transcript:
1.Organizational Behavior

2.Values in the Rokeach Survey

3.Mean Value Rankings of Executives, Union Members, and activist

Future Orientation
Gender differentiation
Uncertainty avoidance
Power distance
In-group collectivism
Power orientation
Humane orientation


6.Types of Attitudes

7.Measuring the A-B Relationship

8.Self-Perception Theory

9.Measuring Job Satisfaction
Single global rating
Summation score
How Satisfied Are People in Their Jobs?
Job satisfaction declined to 50.7% in 2000
Decline attributed to:
Pressures to increase productivity
Less control over work

10.Satisfaction and Productivity
Satisfied workers aren’t necessarily more productive.
Worker productivity is higher in organizations with more satisfied workers.
Satisfaction and Absenteeism
Satisfied employees have fewer avoidable absences.
Satisfaction and Turnover
Satisfied employees are less likely to quit.
Organizations take actions to cultivate high performers and to weed out lower performers.

11.Responses to Job Dissatisfaction

12.How Employees Can Express Dissatisfaction

13.Job Satisfaction and OCB
Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
Satisfied employees who feel fairly treated by and are trusting of the organization are more willing to engage in behaviors that go beyond the normal expectations of their job.

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