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Monday, August 12, 2013

PPT On Top 10 Stocks of 2013


Top 10 Stocks of 2013 Presentation Transcript:
1.Top 10 stocks of 2013

2.While many were predicting a positive year for stocks, the speed of the gains has taken Wall Street by surprise. Add dividends to the S&P 500's rise and the total return for the first half is 13.8%.
Beaten-down names rebound
A look at the best performers in the flagship Standard & Poor's 500 Index ($INX) finds that many of the top performers in the first half of 2013 were stocks that investors had essentially left for dead in the past year or two.

3.No. 1: Best Buy
Ticker: BBY
Sector: Consumer electronics stores
Year to date: 130.6%
Best Buy revenue is stuck, and the company has few growth prospects in an era of low-margin electronics, e-commerce competition and digital content upending the need for in-store DVD and CD sales.

4.No. 2: Netflix
Ticker: NFLX
Sector: Streaming media
Year to date: 128%
Netflix posted a surprise profit to start 2013.The stock closed the first half of 2013 at $211.09 per share.

5.No. 3: Micron Technology
Ticker: MU
Sector: Semiconductors
Year to date: 126%
Micron remains under pressure, the company did manage to cut costs and project future stability based on efficiencies alone.

6.No. 4: Hewlett-Packard
Ticker: HPQ
Sector: Computer systems
Year to date: 74%
Hewlett-Packard  has been cutting costs and focusing on enterprise hardware and software.

7.No. 5: Advanced Micro Devices
Ticker: AMD
Sector: Personal computer and server microprocessors
Year to date: 70%
Advanced Micro Devices has tacked on significant gains since January,.

8.No. 6: GameStop
Ticker: GME
Sector: Video game sales
Year to date: 67.5%
There has been favorable news for the company, including next-generation video game consoles coming to market, a development that generates enthusiasm among gamers.

9.No. 7: Boston Scientific
Ticker: BSX
Sector: Medical devices
Year to date: 61.8%
Boston Scientific sells medical devices, traditionally implantable heart-disease treatments like defibrillators and pacemakers. With baby boomers aging and chronic heart disease a big problem in the

10.No. 8: Life Technologies
Ticker: LIFE
Sector: Diagnostics, research
Year to date: 50.9%
Life Technologies is an industrial and life-sciences company focused on food- and water-safety testing, among other things.

11.No. 9: CME Group
Ticker: CME
Sector: Financial exchange
Year to date: 49.9%
As economic activity improves and investors start to get "risk on," activity will heat up on the CME, and so will profits for the company. At least, that was the thinking behind the big run-up in CME shares over the past six months.

12.No. 10: H&R Block
Ticker: HRB
Sector: Tax preparation
Year to date: 49.4%
H&R Block is a highly seasonal & highly cyclical business.


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