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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On Hydrogen Energy


Hydrogen Energy Presentation Transcript:
1.Hydrogen Energy The "forever fuel"

How can we get Hydrogen
Hydrogen storage
How can we get energy?
Hydrogen energy integration with renewable sources
Sustainability and Hydrogen energy

3.Why Hydrogen?


5.Hydrogen StoragePressure Storage
Easiest and most economical way
Tanks can hold up to 350 times of the gas (750 in the future)
Mainly used for indoor and stationary applications
Liquid Hydrogen storage
High energy storage density per volume and mass
Used in limited space
Evaporation losses
Huge energy needed to liquefy Hydrogen (1/3 of stored energy)

6.Metal Hydride Storage
Hydrogen is pumped into a storage medium to bond with a metal (alloy)
High energy storage density per volume
High energy storage density per mass
Carbon Nano-fiber Storage
Under research (promising)
Very high energy storage density per volume and mass
Viable option for automobiles

7.Fuel Cells Development

8.Honda FCX Clarity

9.Hydrogen energy and renewable sources
Supply and demand don’t coincide with renewables
Hydrogen is a way to store and transport regenerative energy
Using excess energy to get hydrogen then using it with fuel cells
Making other renewable sources more reliable

10.Is it sustainable?

11.Infinite energy source
Clean source
Pollution free……….No CO2 is produced when burned only vapor
Reducing greenhouse effect
Safe energy source
mixing hydrogen and oxygen together, reduces the risk of having many large-scale accidents in the production of power.
It is not toxic

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