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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On 5 Ways to Re-Hydrate and Heal Your Body


5 Ways to Re-Hydrate and Heal Your Body Presentation Transcript:
1.5 Ways to Re-Hydrate and Heal Your Body!

2.The human body is at most water,  72%, and studies show that hydration is one of the key factors for longevity and health.

3.Good news! It’s possible to re-hydrate and create optimal health. Here are 5 great ways to start!

4. Stop consuming foods which dehydrate you    Foods that have been processed, denatured, and poor in true nutrition and not those added along with preservatives and
    sugars are highly acidic
    to the body. That means they are
    harmful for your body.

5.They create water retention to thin out toxicity, and dehydration as the body “flush out” the waste.

6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
    The best nutrition, that is also proposed, include fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouted grains, and seaweeds and ensures an alkaline pH balance in the body, so an oxygenated, hydrated system. To be fully healthy, this is the medium of which the human body must stay at. In contrast to #1, fresh, live foods only come with a list of health benefits.

7.Balancing blood sugar, Inhibiting oxidation and protecting the regeneration of cell structure, so beneficial to avoid cancer are just a few of the amazing benefits derived from nature’s perfect medicines.

8.    As every organ needs a hydrated medium to  have best function, you’d better not only consume those foods which help hydrate you, but also drink purified, alkaline water as well.

9.Basic equation for deciding a balanced amount of water to drink: (body weight) / 2 = oz per day.
However, this concerns those who are severely dehydrated by processed foods, therefore eating water-dense fruits and vegetables can significantly decrease this need.

10. Rest! Sleep helps your body repair.
When sleeping, the body  goes into “repair mode” and works to reverse the bad effects of stressful modern day living. If you get enough sleep
 you allow regeneration on a cellular level, and in return a less-stressed and more alkaline body.

11.Eating the proper fuel and less tax on the human body ameliorate the hormone function balance, adrenals and kidneys won’t be as taxed to detoxify and remove acidic waste, and you’ll feel lighter and healthier in result.

12.Eating healthy has also been proven to promote better sleep!

13.Stop Smoking.
Smoking increases the risk for atherosclerosis (heart disease), lung cancer, and Diabetes, but creates vitamin deficiency (A especially) in the body and devastatingly dehydrates the human system.

14.It doesn’t seem easy, but  detoxication from a bad habit, like smoking, is well worth it.
skin elasticity will return , fresh fruits and vegetables are incorporated as well as less-stress lifestyle habits.

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