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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On 5 Amazing Medical Miracles


5 Amazing Medical Miracles Presentation Transcript:
1.amazing medical miracles

2.Window washer in coma after falling 47 Stories woke up on Christmas day

3.Window washer in coma after falling 47 Stories woke up on Christmas day
    Alcides Moreno, 37 years old, fell 47 stories from a New York skyscraper when his platform from where he was washing the windows fell to the pavement. His brother was killed, who was working on the same scaffolding platform, Moreno was at such a bad state that doctors couldn't risk moving him to an operating room, so they operated on him in the emergency room As a result, he was in a vegetative state for nearly three weeks. 
4.Finally, he was concious and he spoke- on Christmas day. A month later, he was discharged with the expectation that he would walk again within a year's time.

5.Teenage model had her body held together by 11 rods

6.Teenage model had her body held together by 11 rods
Katrina Burgess, 17 years old, might never walk again after surviving a 70mph car crash with a broken neck and back, and lots of other injuries. But after operation using11 metal rods and numerous pins and screws, Katrina was signed up by a modeling agency.

7.Doctors inserted a rod from her hip to her left knee the day after she was admitted to hospital and secured it inside with four titanium pins.
 Then, they opened her back and inserted six more horizontal rods up the length of her back to support her spine.
A week after that, they inserted a titanium screw to support the break in her neck. Five months on from the crash, Katrina has recovered to the point where she no longer even needs painkillers. 

8.Teen lived 118 days without heart
    14-year-old D'Zhana Simmons, received a transplant to replace her enlarged heart. However, the new heart failed to function properly. Doctors had to remove the new organ, but there wasn’t any other heart available and with the girl weakened from the surgery, they  used two artificial pumps that kept the blood flowing in her body for close to four months. This case is very special, because when an artificial heart is used to sustain a patient, the patient's own heart is usually left in the body. Finally, on October 29, D'Zhana received another heart transplant, and a kidney transplant the very next day.

9.Blind man got his sight back after having a tooth implanted into his eye

10.Martin Jones, 42, builder, was left blind after an accident at work more than 10 years ago. A remarkable operation, put piece of his tooth in his eye and made him see again. This procedure is at most 50 times done before in Britain and it uses the segment of tooth as a holder for a new lens grafted from his skin. He lost his sight after an explosion of the material he was working on and  suffered 37 per cent burns, making him to wear a special body stocking for 23 hours a day. He also had his left eye removed. Surgeons were able to save his right eye, even though he was completely blind. At first specialists in Nottingham failed to save his sight using stem cells from a donor.

11.A revolutionary new operation was the solution to this man’s problem. During the procedure, a minute section of a patient's tooth is removed, reshaped and chiselled through to grip the man-made lens which is then placed in its core. It is implanted under an eyelid where it becomes covered in tissue. The process requires a living tooth as an implant, so as to minimize the  chances of rejection of a plastic equivalent. So a canine - which is the best option due to its shape and size -  and a patch of skin from the inside of the cheek were taken and placed in the eye, making him see again. Mr Jones, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was able to see for the first time his wife Gill, 50, whom he had married four years ago.

12.Mother who had to chose to save one twin got to keep both after disconnecting blood vessels

13.Shannon and Mike Gimbel faced a dilemma about the life of their expecting twins, as they were asked to terminate one of the two girls or both would die. Doctors diagnosed Twin-To-Twin Syndrome, or TTTS, a condition in which the twins are connected by blood vessels. One twin literally drains the life out of the other. If they take no action, there is 80-90% chance that one or both will die.

14.As expected, the parents were considering of terminating the weakest girl, whern their doctor made contact with Drs. Robert Bell and Michael Belfort of St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, where surgeons teamed with those at Swedish performed laser surgery to cauterize the blood vessels that were connecting, and slowly killing, the twins.
Both girls had made it. Reese and McKenna Gimbel were born at Swedish two months later.

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