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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On Full Wave Rectifier


Full Wave Rectifier Presentation Transcript:
1.The Full Wave Rectifier

2.The Full Wave Rectifier

3.The Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
The bridge rectifier is the most commonly used  rectifier circuit for the following reasons:
No centre - tapped transformer is required.
The bridge rectifier produces almost double the output voltage as a full wave C-T transformer rectifier using the same secondary voltage.

4.The Basic Filter Capacitor

5. The Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
 This circuit is simplified to show the circuit conditions during the positive half cycle. The load  & ground connections are removed because we are concerned with the diode conditions only. Using the ideal diode note:
Diodes D 1 and D 3 are forward biased & act like closed switches. They are replaced with wires.
Diodes D2 and D4  are reverse biased and act like open switches. 

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