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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence Presentation Transcript:
1.Putting Data to work for mid-market companies

Microsoft and Dell believe that data warehousing, BI and analytics should not be exclusive to large enterprises; that they should be easy to use and cost-effective enough for all organizations. To make that view a reality, they have partnered to bring to market a data warehouse appliance designed for mid-market and departmental users.

3.Context for mid market BI
The fuel of the information economy is data. We use data to describe products and services and their fate in the marketplace.
The profits derive largely from how the company collect, organize, display, manage and analyze data about things.

4.Data-driven companies use data to

5.Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes.

6.Benefits of BI
Tactical Benefits : At a tactical level, employees at data-driven companies spend less time looking for data and reports.
Strategic Benefits : At a strategic level, leading adopters of BI use information to transform their businesses and gain a competitive advantage.

7.Layers of BI
Most of the work involved in building a BI solution stems from sourcing, integrating, cleaning and aggregating data.
The dirtier and more fragmented an organization’s data, the longer it takes to piece together a uniform view of the enterprise for business consumption.

8.BI Components
At a component level, mid-market solutions typically provide a subset of the following:
 Hardware (server and storage)
 A relational database management system (RDBMS)
 A data model
 A variety of data integration tools and source data   connectors
 A metadata repository
 A variety of reporting and analysis tools.

9.From a software perspective, packaged mid-market BI solutions typically provide a subset of functionality compared with enterprise BI solutions, which is one reason they are priced more affordably.
Mid-market BI packages focus on delivering basic functionality that companies need most.

10.Catalog of Mid-Market Tools
    Perhaps the easiest way a mid-market company can deploy a BI solution is to purchase a data warehousing appliance to run its new existing BI software.
2.Packaged Analytical Software Solutions
    Another option, that is very complementary  to an appliance, is to purchase a packaged software solution, which can be deployed on an analytical appliance or an existing server

11.3.Cloud Solutions
Cloud-based BI solutions eliminate the need for companies to purchase and maintain hardware and software.
Instead, customers pay a monthly subscription fee, usually based on the number of users.  
Most cloud BI vendors offer packaged  solutions to get customers up and running quickly.

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