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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PPT On Why Renewable Energy


Why Renewable Energy Presentation Transcript:

2.Outline    Why Renewable Energy?
The Science of Photovoltaic
System Configurations
Principle Design Elements
Energy Efficiency
Solar laboratories visit (walking tour)

3.What’s wrong with this picture?
Pollution from burning fossil fuels leads to an increase in greenhouse gases, acid rain, and the degradation of public health.

4.The world’s current energy system is built around fossil fuels
Fossil fuel reserves are ultimately finite
Two-thirds of the world' s proven oil reserves are locating in the Middle-East and North Africa (which can lead to political and economic instability)
5.Projection of Long term World Energy Supplies
Issues of availability and  security

6.Pakistan’s Energy Demand Projections

7.Why Sustainable Energy Matters
Detrimental environmental impacts
Extraction (mining operations)
Global warming (could lead to significant changes in the world' s climate system, leading to a rise in sea level and disruption of agriculture and ecosystems)

8.Making the Change to Renewable Energy

9.Today’s Solar Picture
10.Solar Energy Potential in Pakistan
11.All Pakistan, especially Baluchistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab, receives abundant Solar radiation about 3000hours/year. This is on the highest side of global averages. Exploitable potential of Solar energy at country level is of the order of 100,000MW. Some remote villages have been electrified by off-grid solar installations.

12.Development status of Grid-Connected Solar Power Projects
AEDB and NTDC are developing Energy Purchase Agreement for Solar Power Projects.
NTDC, through its Grid Code Review Panel, is bringing modifications of existing Grid Code for grid integration of Solar Power Projects
2Nos. IPPs have got issued LOIs from AEDB for installation of Solar Power Projects.

Punjab Government, with co-operation of Government of Japan, is installing a 2MW PV Solar Power Project at Bahawal pur city at fast track basis.
M/s Akhtar Solar, a private company, has started assembling PV Solar panels at their factory near Islamabad.

14.Overhaul required in top-down manner
Step 1 (Policy)
Change the way progress is measured
Progress will not be measured by projects initiated
 Progress will be measured in terms of number of megawatts of energy produced

15.Step 2 (Policy)
Identify a Vision
Produce at least 5% of the total electricity generating capacity of the country (i.e. 9,700 MW) by alternative energy sources by the year 2030 [Vision 2030, 85]; AND
Use renewable energies to decrease pollution and help
improve social and economical lives of rural

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