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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PPT On Role Play Method of Teaching


Role Play Method of Teaching Presentation Transcript:
Every teacher devises his or her good effective method for teaching. The teacher in her method should appeal through sense perception to the understanding of the student. One of the methods used in teaching learning is “role play”.

Role play
                  Role playing is an educational technique in which people spontaneously act out problems of human relation and analyze the enactment with the help of the other players and observers.

3.Purpose of Role Play
To convey information.
To develop specific skills.
To develop a situation for analysis.
To develop understanding of points of view of others.
To increase insight into typical way of dealing with a problem.
Provides an opportunity for social interaction among members.

4.Values of Role Playing
There is emotional involvement as the actors try to feel the character he/she is portraying and puts himself in that person’s character.
It is enjoying by people who do it.
It does not need equipment.
It is a method to involve a group through participation.
It can bring out data human behavior and human relations which are not made available by other methods.
In role playing the student not only hears about a problem or tells about it, he lives through it by acting it out.

5.Values of Role Playing
. Individuals may develop new skills for dealing with problems in human relations.
8. Role playing can be tailored to fit the specific need  and situation of particular group that is using it.
9. It is a way of presenting human relations, problems. The student can experiment with behavior, make mistake and try new skills.

6.Principles of Role Playing
Role playing is flexible.
The role play should be stimulant to think and not escape from the discipline of learning.
There is no single best method of selecting the characters, the group may do the assigning.
Role play never be rehearsed.
Analysis and evaluation is essential to attain the maximum learning benefits.
Role play should be brief.

7. Setting up of Role Playing
Define the problem to be considered and the nursing situation in a meaning ful manner to all student in the class.
Identify the characters in the situation and ask for valunters to play these roles.
Ask the participants to try to place themselves in the position of the characters.
Caution the participants against the desire to express their own ideas and options.
Each class member select some role and identifies herself with it, listen and try to anticipate what the person in the situation might say or do,
Never rehearse for role playing.

8.Setting up of Role Playing
At any point during a dramatization participants may holed a short conference to clarify the problem understudy.
8. The length of role play will depend upon how long it take to make the nursing situation clear and the student become aware of feelings and thoughts of these in the actual situations.

9. At the end of the activity time should be given for a discussion.
9.Phases or steps involves in Role Play
There are nice steps in any role play. They are :
Warming up the group :- Concerned with the identification or introduction of the problem.
Selecting participants :- Concerned with the analysis of roles and selection of the students for playing the specific roles.
Set the stage :- Concerned with setting the line of action, restating roles etc.
Preparation of observers :- Concerned with the assignment of roles of observers to students who are not acting and assigning them observation tasks and starting what to look for.

10.Phases or steps involves in Role Play
Enactment :- Actual role playing process.
6. Discussion and evaluation :- Free discussion about quality of roles, major focus of play.
7. Re-enactment :- concerned with re-enactment of the role play in the light of modification made.
8. Re-discussion and Evaluation :- Review of roles leading to conclusions.
9. Deriving Generalizations :- relate problem situation to real experience and current problems.

11.Effect of Role Play
On the student
 Role Playing helps the student to :-
Develop real communication skills in leadership, interviewing and social interacting. E.g. how to lead a communication etc.
Develop sensitivity to another’s feelings by having the opportunity to put oneself in another’s place and develop emapthy and understanding.

12.Develop skill in group problems solving. E.g. the group works as a whole to develop the problem of concern to the group. To develop the situation , to identify issues and to come to some mutual agreement.
4. Develop ability to observe and analyze situations.
5. Practice selected behaviours in a real life situation without the stress of making a mistake.

13.Role of a teacher in Role Play of Teaching
This provides the teachers with the opprtunity to note individual student by observing and analysing her needs in a real life situation.
Encourage independent thinking and action by stepping a side on giving indirect guidence to emphasize them to themselves.
The teacher can correct the errors and use the role play for specific teaching on the subject.

14.Points to be remember while doing Role Playing
There should never one answer to a situation presented.
The time of the play should be brief.
Enough time should be allowed for discussion and analysis of the situation.
Evaluation concerns the teacher and participants through discussion or follow-up as to specific individual behaviour or group actiion.

15.Advantages of Role Play
It provides opportunity to  the students to learn about a subject from the inside. It gives them a chance to feel the intensity of the situation by enacting it through role play.
Student drives useful real life experiences through playing specific roles of the players or observers and in turn prepare them for their activities.
It increase student’s interest , motivation and effects for the learning about a subject or phenomenon.

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