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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PPT On Futuristic Nursing


Futuristic Nursing Presentation Transcript:
1.Futuristic Nursing

2.‘Lady with the Lamp’
Selflessness and Service

3.Nursing as a Profession
Extended education
Theoretical body of knowledge
Provides a specific service
Autonomy in decision making and practice
Code of ethics

4.Predicting the future
The probable future
The possible future
The plausible future
The preferred future

5.We are in a new place, we are not on the edge of old place. We are not pushing the envelope, we are in totally a new envelope. So the rules have changed. Ever fundamental premise of the old way of thinking is no longer applies.
                Sister Elizabeth Davis

6.Vision for the future of nursing:-
Addition new diseases and the threat of bio-terrorism.
New treatments and technologies.
 Patients are moved out of hospital rapidly, those that remain are more acutely ill.
Those discharged patients need more assistance at home (expensive).

7.Trends and patterns emerging in heath care.
We need to recognize
Rapid changes in healthcare in technology and therapy
Demographic trends, epidemiological trends and health care statistics
Supply of manpower and competition

8.Public opinion
Nursing practice and theory
Working conditions
Patients’ bill of rights

9.Future of nursing career:
Many nursing functions will be automated.
Result of nursing shortages, healthcare facilities will be forced to use their nurses judiciously.
Changes in technology will possibly attract more men and minorities into the profession.

10.The number of outpatient care will increase, as will the need for home health care nurses.
community health care.
focus more on preventing the illnesses rather than treatment.

11.Changing roles of Nurse

12.Client Advocate
Nurse protects the clients human and legal rights
Providing information to assist in decision making
Patient Bill of Rights

13.Comforter Role
Caring for client as a human being
Role is traditional to nursing
Care is directed to whole person, not just a body part
Demonstration of care and concern

14.Rehabilitator Role
Assist client to return to optimal level of functioning
Nurse helps client to adapt physically and emotionally to changes in lifestyle, body image

15.Communicator Role
Role is central to all other roles
Involves communication with client, family, healthcare team members, resource people, and the community
Without clear, concise communication it will be difficult to give effective care

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