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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PPT On Nursing Audit


Nursing Audit Presentation Transcript:
1.A very Sweet Good Morning
to all Smiling Faces.

2.Presentation on
Nursing Audit Techniques

 3.Nursing Audit IntroductionAudit is a systematic and critical examination to examine or verify.
Nursing audit is an evaluation of Nursing services.
It is a careful review of Nursing care to determine its effectiveness and any area needing improvement.

4.Audit is of no value unless good record are kept during the stay of the patient in the hospital, the patient medical record will be needed to determine what treatment was given and with what results.
It is the process of feedback if any deficiency is found then correction is made at the earliest.

5.Before 1955 very little was known about the concept of Nursing audit.
It was introduced by the industrial concerns.
The year 1918 was the beginning of Medical Audit.

6.George Groward pronounced the term
Physician for the first time Medical Audit.
First report of the Nursing audit was published in 1955.
The program of Nursing audit is based up on Nursing plan, Notes, Patient condition and Nursing care.

7.Nursing Care Audit
Audit is an important phenomenon of Nursing care.
It is systematic ,critical analysis of medical care and the use of resources and quality of life for patient.

8.Concept of Nursing Audit
According to Robert .H. Montgomery-
  Audit is a systematic examination of book and record of business or verify and report upon the fact regarding the financial operations.
9.The concept of Nursing audit is based on debit and credit.

10.Definition of Nursing Audit
According to Elison,” Nursing Audit refers to assessment of the quality of clinical nursing”.
According to Goster Walfer ,” Nursing audit is an exercise to find out whether good nursing practices are followed.”

11.The Nursing audit is defined as an evaluation of patient care through analysis of the written record maintained by nurses in the patient treatment profile.
In short we can say that the audit is a mean by which nurses themselves can define standards from their point of view and describe the actual practice of nursing.

12.Objectives of Nursing Audit
Evaluation of Nursing Care.
Stimulant to better record.
Contributes to Research.
Strengthen the Nursing Services.
Maintain the New Standards for the profession.

13.To justify the cost increased on human and material resources.
To study the Quality of the patient care against defined Criteria.
To take remedial actions towards cost effectiveness.

14.Types of Audit
There are two types of Audit.
Internal Audit.
External Audit.

15.Internal Audit
The internal audit is a continuous process which is carried out by the hospital staff and classify clinical record to evaluate the nursing care plan.

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