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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PPT On Laboratory Method of Clinical Teaching


Laboratory Method of Clinical Teaching Presentation Transcript:
1.Laboratory Method of Clinical Teaching

The laboratory method serve as the foundation for building in those combination of teaching method best suited for establishing a structural framework to bridge the gap between the theoretical study of nursing & the study of patient.
The learning experience are planned so that the theory & laboratory experience can complement each other.

Laboratory method as used in nursing education may be defined as:
  planned learning activity dealing with original data in solution of problem.
    original data includes
            material obtained experimentally & any other material resulting from laboratory procedure.

4.Purposes of Laboratory Method
To provide first hand experience with material or facts in the solution of problem, e.g. science laboratory.
To provide experience with actual situation such as nursing laboratory & hospital wards.
To make student to become skillful in manipulation apparatus, practicing laboratory technique.
It helps students to acquire scientific attitude & scientific approach in problem solving.

5.Types of laboratory
Science laboratory - used to teach the science subject, widely used in physiology, physical science, chemistry, microbiology for teaching these subjects.
Nutrition laboratory – used to teach the basic knowledge about food & for practice of cooking food for normal as well as invalids.
Nursing art laboratory of demonstration room – it is used for demonstration of some techniques in nursing. Student may practice to become familiar with nursing procedure.

6.Technique of laboratory method

It requires establishment of objective & plan of work.
It motivate the student by presenting problem together with effective method for its solution.
Teacher prepare the plan with the cooperation of the students considering objective not wasting time.
Teacher allow time for the maximum use of laboratory work.

8.Work period
It refers to that period when demonstration, experimentation or practice for a skill in nursing procedure.
To ensure an effective work period there must be adequate equipments & facilities including basic tools.
There must be adequate supply of specimens & material.
There should be sufficient space, light & ventilation.

Group discussion, individual reports of finding, written report of principles learned is evaluation tool, which gives more opportunity to the student In mastering knowledge & to put into practice.

Students learn by doing and come in contact with raw data or material objects in the teaching-learning process.
 Develops the power of observation and reasoning.
Develops the scientific attitude.
Gives an understanding of what research is and how to apply the scientific method of research
Gives training in organizing data gathered from real material objects and how these objects are manipulated to attain the objectives.
Since students come in contact with real life situations, it can be a preparation for solving real life problems.

11.Limitations of laboratory work
Poor planning & lack of direction of teacher may result in wasting of time & can create complication.
Lack of budget can create insecurity in teacher regarding laboratory equipments.

It is the part of study in education which helps to give proof to the study which is based upon the scientific principle. It helps for clear & comprehensive study which helps in acquiring study in particular study. It is a type of instruction in which student learn by actual doing the things by himself & its success depends upon  good planning. Wit its help students made to understand the use of laboratory finding.

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