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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



NURSING RESEARCH Presentation Transcript:

RESEARCH  word is originated from the word “Researche”.
Research = ‘Re’+ search’.
 Re means once again ,anew, or a fresh.
Search means to look for something or examine closely & carefully , to look for information, to test and try or to prove.

3.Meaning of Research
Research   means
          “to search again” or
                    “to examine  carefully”,
It is systemic inquiry or study that validate & refine existing knowledge & develop new knowledge.
    Research  is thus an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement.

Research is the systematic method of exploring , describing , explaining , relating or establishing the existence of phenomenon ,factors that causes changes in the phenomenon and how the phenomenon influences other phenomena.
Research is scientific , systematic , controlled, orderly, and
objective investigation to develop, refine and expand the body of

5.“ Scientific research is systematic, controlled, empirical & critical investigation of hypothetical propositions about presumed relations among natural phenomenon.”            
                                                                   (Kerlinger  )

Research is essentially a problem solving process , a systematic , intensive study directed towards full scientific knowledge of subject studies.”         
                                                               (Ruth M french )

Research may be defined as the systematic & objective analysis and recording of controlled observation that may lead to the development of generalization , principles , theories resulting in prediction & possible ultimate control of events.”
                                                                        ( J.W.Best)

Nursing research refers to the use of systematic , controlled , empirical ,and critical investigation in attempting to discover or confirm facts that relates to the specific problem or question about the practice of nursing .     (Walls & Bauzell)

7.Nursing research develops knowledge about health & promotion of health over the full lifespan , care of person with health problems & disabilities to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems.    
                              ( American Nurses Association)
   “Nursing research is scientific , systematic and orderly process to find out solution for problems concern to nursing or generating and refining the nursing knowledge to improve quality of nursing care , nursing education , nursing administration”.
                                                                ( S.K.Sharma)

Develop, refine, & extend the body of knowledge  which is required for quality nursing care, education & administration.
Link through nursing research ,nursing process, nursing education , nursing theories.
Find the valid answer to the questions concerned to nursing care & practice.

9.Generate new body of Scientific knowledge in nursing & increase that knowledge in depth & breadth
Discover the new facts in nursing so that can develop sound basis for nursing practice.
Enhance  professional identity as research is essential component of any profession .

10.Identify nursing care practices that make a difference in the health status of individuals and are cost effective.
Analyze and solve the patient care problem of nursing relevance for betterment of nursing care
Facilitate the ongoing development of nursing knowledge for  use in nursing practice.

11.Test the existing nursing theories so as to refine them.
Provide foundation for evidence – based nursing  practices.
Obtain valid & reliable information on various aspects of nursing.
Exploration –To discover the problem area
Speculation -To form a theory


13.Characteristics of Good Research
1) Orderly and systematic process
2) Based on current professional issues
3) Begin with clearly defined purposes
4) Emphasize to develop , refine , and expand professional knowledge
5) Directed towards development or testing of theories
6) Finding solution of problem
7) Dedicated to develop empirical evidence

8.   Strive to collect first hand information / data.
9.   Objective and logical process.
10. Generate findings to refine and improve professional practices.
11.  It must be for the general welfare of the  society.

15.12. Carefully recorded and reported
13. Adequately & appropriately analyzed research
14. Patiently carried out activity
15.Confidence & integrity should be there.
16. Conclusion should be with their limitation.
17.Research should be genaralised.
18.It should follow ethical norms.

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