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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PPT On Preparation of Clinical Rotation Plan


Preparation of Clinical Rotation Plan Presentation Transcript:
1.Preparation of Clinical Rotation Plan

Organization of clinical experience in the curriculum done on the basis of the syllabus and regulations laid down by the statutory bodies like Indian Nursing Council and Universities.

“Clinical rotation plan is the statement, which explains the order of the clinical posting of various groups of nursing students belonging to different classes in relevant clinical areas and community health settings as per the requirements laid down by the statutory bodies.”

It will help student to gain maximum experience from clinical area and community settings.
It will contribute towards the attainment of overall objectives of the nursing educational programme.

It must be developed accordance with the master plan of the curriculum.
It must be made in advance with co-operation of all the faculty members involved in the clinical teaching.
Maxims of teaching should be followed while selected areas of experience.
Principles of continuity, sequence and integration should be followed.
Enough teaching staff should make available in the clinical areas for giving proper instructions to the students.

6.Seeking suggestion of nursing staff working in clinical areas will ensure their co-operation
First year students should receive maximum supervision and attention
All the students should get enough experience as per the clinical rotation plan.
All assignments related to clinical area should be finished before the completion of postings.
Overcrowding in the clinical areas with different group of students is not advisable.

7.Factors to be considered in planning
Standards, policies, philosophy and objectives of organization.
Curriculum outline
Requirement laid down in syllabus and course
Course objectives
INC guidelines
Nature of clinical facilities available, location of ward.
Teacher – student ratio
Permission from authorities and payment of fees
Formal theory classes

8.Facilities e.g. Transport convenience
Availability of appropriate time to avoid overlapping of students
Clinical instructions and experts in the field availability.
Number of staff nurses employed to provide nursing services in the hospital
Duration of clinical experiences required
Size of ward
Select ward depending on the length of learning experience to be provided
Adhere to rotation plan.

9.Criteria for organizing clinical experience
There are 4 criteria

10.Role of the Teacher
One experience will provide many nursing activities
Different experiences should be provided to reinforce many activities.
No gap or expectation for provision of clinical experiences.
There should be relationship between theory and practice.
Before the clinical experience, major has to be covered.
Concurrent evaluation to avoid mistakes and subjectiveness.

11.Role of the Teacher
Along with theory and practice provide the chances and opportunities for the student, to develop personality also.
Provide experiences continuously, no student should be left alone
Overcrowding of experiences should be avoided.
Division of students into groups, should be based on supervisory principle depended on
Alphabetical order
Registered number of teachers
Observation of students
Number of clinical areas to be completed.

12.Meaningful experiences should be provided
It should be flexible, not too rigid
All procedures have to be observed for each student.
Assigning clients depends upon
Students level of knowledge and experience
Faculty member
Patients point of view, condition wise and system affected
Doctor’s wise
Geographic area
Needs of patient’s functional wise.

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