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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



LECTURE METHOD Presentation Transcript:

The lecture is a teaching procedure consisting of clarification of explanation of the facts, principles, or relationships which the teacher wishes the class to understand. Usually the students do not converse with the teacher. They might ask few questions, but these are for sake of clarification and not for the sake of discussion.

Lecture is a teaching activity where by the teacher presents the content in comprehensible manner by explaining the facts, principles and relationships, during which the teacher is explained to elicit student participation by employing appropriate techniques.

Transmit information.
Create interest.
Promote understanding.

5.Purpose of lecture.
To provide structured knowledge.
To motivate and guide in hunting knowledge
To arouse student’s interest in a subject.
Introduce students to new areas of learning.
To clarify difficult concepts.
To assist in preparing students for a discussion.
To promote critical thinking.

6.Preparation of the lecture
Objectives of the course and immediate objective of the lecture.
Lecturer must know her material thoroughly.
Lecturer should have a central theme carried in completion in each delivery.

7.Should contain sequence of ideas with simple heading and subheadings.
The teacher will make sure that the important points in her class are made clear before advancing to the next point.
The teacher will use illustrations and interact questions to help to clarify points before students  become too fatigued form the strain of intense listening.

8.A lecture is teacher-centered, the expert teacher will compensate for the restriction of student’s verbal expression by sensing how her students are responding in thought to what is being said.
The lecture should provide internals for clarification of thought, assimilation of ideas.

9. Factors in good lecture technique.
Lecturer should be careful about her personal appearance.
Teachers should let their personality speak.
Mannerism should be avoided.
Voice should be audible to the class.
An audience should be spoken to and not spoken at so the teacher should address the students with her eyes as well as her voice.
Always necessary to get off to a good start.

10.Guides helpful to the teacher in using the lecture method.
Eye contact
Lecture online and student’s notes

Most economical method of teaching.
Presence of the teacher.
Covers a large group of students.
Gives a feeling of security.
Stimulates the students and promote thinking process.
It can be employed to meet the learning needs of any group of students.
Students usually prefer lecture method

Keeps the students in a passive situation.
Does not facilitate learning how to solve problems.
Offers hardly any possibility of checking learning progress.
Does not allow for individual pace of learning.
Low receptivity.

13.When the lecture method should be used.
When introducing a new topic and unit.
Should be used when new data or information can be given through it more effectively than through making them read or giving assessments.
When students interest lags.
When classes are large.
When students have difficulty in interpreting facts and ideas that are complicated.
When a lesson or unit has been completed to as to speak and summarize the main points.

14.Criticism of the lecture method.
The lecture is time consuming
The lecture provides little students activity
The lecture requires special skills
The teacher is not readily analyzed and summarized by the student
The lecture is sometimes poorly adapted to the perceptive ability of students
The lecture is likely to become a sustained dictation exercise

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